Oh so good!!  

funwild55 61M
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3/10/2006 8:17 am
Oh so good!!

Makes me feel like a stud when I hear those words. And on the third date I must have heard them at least 5 times. She's still not comfortable about being vocal in telling me what she wants, but I'm perceptive enough to pick up on the body language, and the physical signs. Started with a full body massage (now that we can wait at least 5 minutes), then went to an all over tounge tracing and licking. (All in front of a nice fire) After the slow walk around the block I'd noticed that the back of her neck, right at her hair line was especially a turn on for her, as was the small of her back, so I gave those extra attention with light tracing, sucking, nibbling, and soft nips. Then turned her over for a full frontal assault, devoting time to the usual suspects, and continuing to explore. When I started to tease the little man in the boat, and surrounding areas, she just exploded. A bit of slow fucking to calm down, and it was time for a rest and refreshments. I have to watch myself, as I'm not as recuperative as I used to be. Later it was time to try a couple of different positions to see what worked best for her (I'm pretty flexible and easy to please) Whoa!! The volcano just kept erupting. Guess we'll just have to keep on trying, so after a few more sessions of loving, we didn't exactly come simultaneously, but it was close enough to count. Can't wait for our next rendevous!!

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