We met in the parking lot...  

funtoplay1973 44M
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12/12/2005 1:08 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

We met in the parking lot...

It was spur of the moment... Sent the IM... She was passing through town, had her phone on...

She was waiting in her truck under the light as I pulled in. We hadn't met before, just spent time chatting online. We had hit it off, at least I thought we had, was hoping at least. You never know about these things until you really meet. You can wonder, hope, guess, but until you actually meet, you just can't tell.

And so, here we were. She just had time for a drink. Rushing to pick someone up 130 miles north. She'd been on the road for 2 hours already. Just good luck that I messaged her at the right time...

It could have been awkard, but istead we hugged close. She was HOT. Eyes... All woman! But she also had on BOOTS! Most women would be scared to meet in a parking lot at night. Her? I doubt it. Her scent was mmmmm. I HAD imagined it! Just right.

We strolled down the hill and into the lounge. Just a drink. She had two beers, I had a couple scotches. We talked about work, her belly piercing. A good conference room story. I can't remember what I said, but we were kinda touchy feely. I wanted a bed, NOW! But she had a drive ahead, so the time came. I knew I wanted to see her again already. I hope she did too, but we walked back to the trucks. We held hands... We still didn't know how far it would go. She had a drive and it was COLD. No more than freezing. But freezing nonetheless...

I pulled her towards me. We kissed, kissed. Arms went around, held her tight. Mmmm. Those lips, that tongue. She can kiss. Did I mention that? You know how some people have only one move.

This woman can kiss. Some people kinda either kiss with their lips OR with their tongue? We were working it all. A bit of lip, some tongue, and a little nibble. One hand in her hair, a hand down her back... It was getting hot, her neck was mine. We were playing with goosebumps... Then we were in her truck, the seats reclined, HOT!!!

We wanted it NOW. But it wasn't to be. We pushed harder. She got my pants open. My cock was HARD. She was all over it. We were making eye contact. She knew just how I liked it. Sucking it down, using her hand, not too gently, not too firm. And that tongue... I couldn't take it any more, pushing her back, finding her lips with mine.

I wanted her so bad, right then, I wanted to tear her pants down and dive in. Mmmmm... She was SO wet. Her jeans (no panties) were soaked, but the logistics weren't there.

She pushed me back, her voice told me she wanted me to cum. Her eyes said she needed it. I fucked her face, she sucked my cock, and I came. She didn't lose much just a drop on the top... Runing down my cock, we were making eye contact, her red hair pulled back, her tongue snaked out and got it! She went down again, swirling...

I pulled her to me, maintaining the eye contact, pushing her back into her seat climbing above her tasting myself on her lips, driving my tongue into her mouth, sucking her tongue like I wanted to lick her clit...

I hope she knows she is a good kisser... Good thing I OWE HER one. Now that, is a woman!

To my "Redneck Woman"!

HotTXpussy4U 48F

12/12/2005 1:51 am

I hope you pay her back soon - I can't wait to read the details!! Glad ya'll hit it off!!


zoopc42 47M

12/12/2005 8:04 am

I met someone ina parking lot one time like this. certainly didnt go as far but could have easily.

have not got anyone else to do that since.

spur of the moment is the best

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