So what DID Santa bring this year..?  

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12/20/2005 1:23 am

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So what DID Santa bring this year..?

Hmmm. Maybe he'll let Miss Claus deliver it!

I've had a preview. Memories are good. She must be thinking positively. She wants to get dressed up again. Put those heels on, show off in that little black dress.

Last time she had the black dress on wasn't long ago. We left the Chirstmas party, decided to show off a bit at the local pub. Stopped in for a few beers and a round of pool. Made the locals hot. To watch her in her dress. Those heels. Caressing the cue. Feeling my bulge. She whispered in my ear that she was wet.

Never driven that last mile with such urgency... Hands everywhere, lips, were all over each other. We were 16 again.

Upstairs through the cold. I slipped the dress over her head, picked her up, wrapped her leggs around me, locked, lip to lip, my tongue in her throat, one hand on her ass, the other holding her neck, I walked down the hallway and into the bedroom. We became horizontal, I dropped to my knees, pulling myself into her tasting her core. 4 hours of wetness, playing ready, sucking her taste, tasting her clit, pushing two fingers inside her, lightly flicking with my tongue, rubbing her with my fingers...

We were high, we were there, she was screaming, twitching, her cunt gripped my fingers, I could feel them squeezed, her back arched, her ass a foot off the bed, I drove my cock inside her. She was shaking, I could feel her as I slipped inside, inch by inch, ridge by ridge, I could feel her wetness, hot, envelope me...

I wanted her now, I needed her, she needed me. BUT NOT YET! I pulled back, drove in, hard, fast, then slow, deep, hard, just the tip now. I could feel it, every movement, so close now, she was right at the edge, still cuming from my tongue, not down yet, keeping her there, I could feel it, building in the base of my cock, I turned her over and drove in, scratching her back lightly, she squeezed, I could feel it in my toes, she moaned, I felt it in my being. We were close, I held her, tight, deep, it was begining. I pulled back, I drove hard. she was meeting me, each stroke. We could feel it, inside, deep. Again, again, again. Her name slipped from my lips, she moaned I heard my name, it was close, close, I pulled back, in again, HOT. Can't wait, she started to twitch again, her legs doing that light vibration thing, her moan frantic, the sweat running now, down my chest, dripping in the crack of her ass, my thumb pushing a little, the rosebud warm, we were there, I leaned forward, thrusting, feeling it surge out, cummmmmming, over and over... We were one, our sweat, our cumm...

Miss Claus? Merry Christmas!

New Years? FOR SURE!

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