Dating, AFF style...  

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12/6/2005 12:33 am

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Dating, AFF style...

The average guy on here figures that the ...

Oh wait. I don't think the average guy get's on here. In fact, I'm not sure average is on here at all. WAY bellow average... A bit above average, yep they're well represented. Male, female, both, neither, what is that? Yep, here it is.

Well if the rule is that there is no average, then we'd better toss in a bit to make the rule.

But seriously, the average person logs in and sees pictures of naked people! Naked people who live next door. Naked people who live next door and want to fuck anonymous guys, NSA. HOLY SHIT!@!!!! THAT'S me.

Oh, yeah. It's everyone else too.

So in reality, I think dating here is pretty much the same as annyone else. OK, one major difference, on here the crucial question, are you horney. Yep, right out there in the open! Damn sure I'm horney!!!

Oh wait, isn't that the same as By the time you post yourself on Match, you ARE horney. Guaranteed!

But wait! There is a difference. When fishing here (thanks [letssee222] ) we get a bit more data. We don't have to wonder about Arse Play. It is spelled out, right there! you if you smoke. AdultFriendFinder asks you if you like to smoke after fucking the neighborhood, in one bed!


Not sure it works real well. Figure life hits you with good things out of the blue the same way bad ones hit yah. No real warning either way.

You might find your life partner here. You might find your arse reamer in a mask here. Just depends. Depending on who you are, that could go both ways! Me? I'm not looking for either one. But I know which one I'd rather find!

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