my first time..!  

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4/3/2006 4:57 pm
my first time..!

no not that first time silly! i mean this is my first ever blog and i thought it would be a nice idea as nobody else (friendfinders) in brighton and hove area had a blog site set up.
so here goes...
hmmm subjects of interest?
well sex for 1, obviously. i guess my whole reason for checking out adult friend finders was to see what was going on out there in internet based sexual liasons.
so naturally i am damn keen to hear any experiences people may have had through meeting up with people via the net: how steamy things have got, any major let downs or ass holes who have needed the brush off!
for myself i have yet to discover the joys of meeting a partner via the net, only been on adult ffinder a week. but sexually i get reallly turned on by giving plenty off foreplay especially around a ladies butt area. i guess i prefer taking the lead in lovemaking and sex although i am v happy to lie on my back while a woman works her magic on top and astride me. and blowjobs are fine too...although after twenty years of sexual experiences i reckon i have only ever met half dozen girls at most who know what they are doing here! sorry ladies its true, or maybe i am just a hard to please fussy git!!! ha!
woman prob say the same about men going down on them tho maybe! (personally i love doing this to a woman...)

anyway got to dash! any comments gratefully recived
funseeker x

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