So what is it? My profile the no pic thing WHAT?  

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11/23/2005 10:10 am

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So what is it? My profile the no pic thing WHAT?

I know a lot of guys have commented on getting no response from emails to females. (rhyme intended) I've never sent a "Hey baby, you're hot let's fuck" I have tried charm, tried to let them know I am funny, witty, intelligent willing to try, willing to just talk, willing to just watch. I have sent lots of winks (none more than once to the same person don't want to be a pest) I have had a three responses, One "I don't do married guys" fine I understand that, many ladies have a problem with that, but I love her (so not going to leave her), but she has no lust for me, life is short. I am up front about my not looking for a replacement but an friend with benefits, sex buddy if you prefer. I am wondering if I am just trying to get on Fantasy Island. Or if I am the guy everyone wants to vote off of the island.

Her I am, looking for someone who likes it as much as I do, who would like a guy who will do (almost) whatever it takes to get her off; tongue, finger, position, however long it takes, who likes to cuddle after, and before, who likes to kiss. I'll even drink wine if you want me to.

I just long to her a woman whisper those three little words to me "eat my ....."

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