Are we nice or not??  

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9/1/2005 11:07 am

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Are we nice or not??

You know I never cease to be amazed at mostly how nice most people are. In these Blogs if someone sounds down you see folks just suggest to hang in there. Now maybe it is just to type of folks on this site. Not sure. Or maybe most are not nice and I just see to very few who seem that way or would say something. Hmm maybe that is it.

I was reading one blog entry (sorry I didn't note the link) where the women was relating why didn't guys call if they said they would and why don't they just say nothing. Yesterday I exchanged emails with a lady who acted as if she wanted to meet. She gave me her phone number said call me and we will set something up I call, get her voice mail leave a message no call back, tried again 5 hours later same result. Real disappointing.

I don't get that. I hope I have never done something like that, but there is stuff I've done I wish I could take back.

Sit here wondering what I can do to help the folks down south, gave money to the Red Cross, but that seems too easy. I can't leave work for a month or I'd volunteer.

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