On cheaters and cheating, ptII?  

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9/27/2005 9:35 pm

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On cheaters and cheating, ptII?

Today was fantastic. What made it so great? Yesterday I was sick with the flu! And today I was better.

Recently a visitor to our blog said she felt guilty after she read a line I'd typed about disliking cheaters. I found it odd that my opinion on the matter would make her stop and think, when it's the opinion of her spouse that should matter to her. I also found it rather ironic that this particular woman felt judged by a statement I'd made. See, this person sent us a wink one time. And I did what I usually do when someone winks. I sent her our chat name.
She replied with something I still find kind of puzzling... she said she hadn't taken a good look at our profile before and now she'd realized that my bf's profile says bi-curious. "I don't have anything against gays but that doesn't do a thing for me". Another case of the narrow minded view that girls touching each other is pretty and boys doing it... well that's just gross! I giggled when I read her email. Then I read it to my bf and he raised one eyebrow and went, "Whatever".
That's how much her judgement on us meant to us. A giggle, a raised eyebrow, "whatever". It seemed a little strange that she started reading my blog later, but it didn't bother me really. I half wondered if she'd forgotten sending that wink and that email. I'm now all but certain she had. Perhaps she'll read this now and wonder why she was so judgemental of us, and why she was so affected by our opinion of cheaters.

Love2Much30 41M

9/27/2005 10:06 pm

Well said.

funopencouple707 45M/45F

9/28/2005 12:18 am

Thanks Love

funwithyou6022 56F

9/28/2005 4:40 pm

She was no doubt confused herself about the ethics behind cheating. I am sure your views just reinforced her desire to be true to her man and magnified the conflict within her. I am also sure that you did not make her feel guilty, rather seeing it in writing did. As far as bisexual men go. It wasn't a yuk, it was a never been there doesn't do a thing for me. Ignorance can be blamed for that and I am sure now that she has search within and without as to why she felt that way it is no longer an issue. After all, we all start someplace and then hopefully grow from there. Life is a journey and growth is a neccessity. Hey, it was in the begining of my journey here and I am so not perfect. Enjoy

funopencouple707 45M/45F

9/28/2005 5:51 pm

No one is perfect. We're all works in progress. It did make me wonder. I like to examine human behavior, including my own, and I try to understand what motivates us to do as we do.

SatyrDancer 37F

9/30/2005 8:25 pm

Well why would it bother a female if a male is bisexual? I mean... its not like it makes much difference unless there's more than 1 guy around.

I LOVE MY BISEXUAL BOYFRIEND!!! Watching him suck cock is HOT!

Also I read your blog and that visitor's post, I'd consider it a compliment that you got her thinking. It's what good blogs too. So, good blog. You get a cookie.

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