matchmaker saga continues with a totally anticlimactic ending  

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4/4/2006 10:40 pm

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matchmaker saga continues with a totally anticlimactic ending

I had a chance to talk to her in between when she called and asked how my stay was going. It was great talking to her because she’d been on my mind continually since I had met her. I asked her what she was up to the next weekend when I was coming to town and she had four final exams spanning the weekend. So I eased off of planning anything and said I’d call her when I got there to see if she could hang out.

So the next weekend when I was up there, I called her in the morning and it was clear she couldn’t find any time so I told her I’d keep in touch.

I was crushed. It was odd. I don’t get crushed that quickly. Ever. Everything was going great until that day when I realized I was gonna fly back to California in a week without seeing her again. I felt the glow I had carried with me subsiding.

Ironically I then got an email from my ex who has finally realized that pushing me away created an emotional void in her life. I did not need to fall off my cloud and land right next to her. Groans all around. So I wrote her back with the kind of non-committal message one learns to expect from an ex on vacation halfway across the world. Sent her some pictures. Done.

So I got back to home base and back into my routine as a tourist/itinerant writer, a distinction thrust upon me but gladly taken up. I met up with my boss again, one of those twenty-somethings mentioned in my last post, who got me some writing assignments at her paper. It was funny, more funny haha than funny queer, how she mixed her coyness with professionalism. She’s a 21 year old copy editor of a major section of the paper so she’s trying to come off as a mature, sophisticated lady.

Editor’s note: If you happen to have the song Sophisticated Lady on hand, you should listen to it while you finish reading.

Anyway, I was counting down to my flight to San Fran and I emailed Jodi to see how her tests had gone and to this day she hasn’t responded. So strange. I had thought the whole time that she was initiating some kind of flirting but in hindsight, it’s totally probable she’s just a really smiley and cute girl. Damn shame. Though I’m so sure she was playing around with me.

Anyway when I started this blog I was still hung up on Jodi but at this point I’m not worried about it anymore. I’d love to talk to her again but I guess that ship has sailed.

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