The exploits of an every day house wife pt 1.  

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9/5/2006 6:58 pm

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The exploits of an every day house wife pt 1.

The day began like any other morning. first she was up with her husband at the crack of dawn. she woke him up with his usual sensual blow job that he come to love. After getting him to come and then making love to him, she sends him to the bathroom to clean up and get ready for the day. She makes his lunch and then sees him off, wearing nothing more than a see thru night gown. Have a good day at work she says mouthing to him. he looks at her one last time before pulling out and as he does she gently strokes her nipple knowing it was gettin hard like his own hard on he looked at the time and had to debate, be late for work or be on time and drive himself crazey. He was a good 30 minutes from home so a nooner was out of the wuestion on days like this,especially now the kids were back officialy that morning in school. she would have the house to herself. he was at the corner when he turned the vehical around said fuck it and was back home 5 minutes later and in bed eating her wet pussy. a hour later he was back on the road with a huge grin on his face.She would naturally call citing some problem at home that had to be taken care of before he came to work.
she went back to bed and slept another two hours before her alarm went off. she woke their kids up and went about their normal school routine. 90 minutes later they were out the door. chores done she sat bored. a summer full of children who were now back in school left her with nothing to do. she popped in a dvd and played with herself not knowing her friend had arrived and was watching thru the window, watching and becoming increasingly aroused herself. she walked in usign the key where they had it hidden and stripped and a few seconds later was eating her friend's pussy with a vegence. oh yes yes yes I am going to cum she said panting heavily. a few seconds later she was cumming hard for her as her friend pumped hard a thich dildo into her eager pussy. then she was on the receiving end of beign eaten. only her friend liked to do it nice and succuanlty. her tongue gently roaming up and down the inside of her thigh sending currency thru her making her more and more aroused. oh yes baby that feeeeeeeeeeelllls sooooooo goooooooooodddddddd she said stammering. I am going to cum and her friend let up, taunting her. her mouth lazeily slipping to the hardened nipples, she sucks them and kneads them while her other hands softly caresses the pussy. she moans with pleasure.... her friend always knew how to do it right. minutes later she was cumming for her friend and like her friend soon had a hard dildo ramming her as she begged and pleaded for more... their love making going on for two more hours before they are finally worn out with total pleasure. they go to the shower to clean up where they begin washing each other up and end up making love again. finally they are dressed again and decide to runs errands. a few hours later their kids home both talk about the night ahead of them and they say bye. Her husband comes home and gives her a long hungy kiss. I missed you baby. how was your day and she smiles. Oh fine. he smiles just fine he asks.... yeah.. oh krissy was over this morning she says as she tosses the salad she was making. she was? and what did you two do? he asks pouring her a glass of wine and he a glass as well..... but before she can say their kids come running in to give detail reports of their first day of school. it is only when the kids are getting ready for bed and getting baths does she tell him of the events of the day. wow sounds like you had a fun day he says tweaking her left nipplemaking it instantly hard. yes it was. an hour later both kids in bed, both begin kissing and caressing one another. and like earlier that day tehir friend krissy and her husband come by and see thru their friends sheers of what is going on and eagerly find the key. they walk in and soon the men begin eating each other's wives. both women kissing long and hard while groping the other breasts. their moaning low the men begin enjoying as the women begin sucking on their hard read cocks. they both grab the hair and move the heads back and forth,moaning with the pleasure the woman are giving. just before they arwe ready to come, krissy pulls her friend from her husband's hard throbbing cock and begins eating her again as jane's husband begins pumping her pussy with his harden cock. krissy's husband then walks over and stciks his dick into janes mouth for her to finish him, making him cum as she begins cumming herself. before jane's husband can cum,jane flips krissy on the bed pontop of jane so she can eat her that way so she can finish eating her husband so he too can cum. krissy's husband then begins finger fucking jane. soon all are coming and screaming with pleasure.

rm_48DBLDD 48F
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9/11/2006 11:18 am

wow i wish that i could find someone to do that with.
I think that would be a great way to spend the day after the kids go to school.

funlovingcpl372 48M/49F

9/11/2006 9:11 pm

I agree too.

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