Office release.  

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Office release.

It was another hot and steamy day in the office. the air conditioning was once again on the fritze and everyone seemed to be suffering terribly. mini fans brought in were barely keeping up with what they were to do. she turned and looked outside and cursed being at work. How she longed to be at the beach or the water park. She turned around and saw the office errand boy standing there yby the water cooler talking with the other office errand boy. Both were very good looking men. She knew both were 22 and niether had girlfriends. Office romances and encounters were strongly forbidden and if caught grounds for termination. She sighed. She knew what she wanted and it was forbidden or so she thought.
Later that afternoon her boss announced she was working late again and she hated it. She was how ever pleasently suprised to find the two office boys waiting after work for her. We have been assighned to you they said smileing broadly. We are to do what ever you say one quipped eagerly, almost too she thought. After finishing the presentation she told them they were free to leave and enjoy what was left of friday night. Both grinned. The tall one who seemed to be a dead look alike to brad pitt walked over and took her in his arms and kissed her passionately as the other one walked over and began kissing her neck and caressing her butt. before she realized it they were on the floor. while she sucked on his the other was enoying what she had to give with her flavores. they began moaning and begging for more from each other. ecstacy came many times for all three that night, the love making and orgasms. both held her firmly when riding her. yes yes yes she would cry out. Harder she would say. the men both delivering what she wanted.
she had found the male organ and had enjoyed it greatly showing both men how she loved it. she was just about to climax when there was knock at the door. she jerked awake and found the one who looked like brad pitt standing before grinning. he walked in and shut the door behind him before she could protest. walking up to her he removed his shirt that clung to his body and took it off. his chest revealing how hot and sweaty it was.
he pulled her up gently and removed her blouse kissing her while he did so with a passion he had hungered for. He had watched her from the water cooler and saw her playing with herself and knew instantly she was fantasizing. he caught her often doing that as did a couple of others who just loved it when she did this without thinking anyone saw her with her door close but the blinds up. He began kissing her heading down to her area and when he did , he found her juices awaiting him and within a minute she was coming holding him firmly not wanting him to stop. Oh yes yes yes she bellowed. he laid her on the floor and within second he was in her, his flesh meeting with hers and both wanting a release. when it finally happened he grabbed her as both climaxed and both jerked with pleasures. when both finally came too it hit her and she looked and found the blinds shut and door locked. He got up, cleaned up and walked out shutting her door as she dressed and when she walked out she was only met by his smiles and smiles of others........

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Very nice

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