Last night's webcamming.  

funlovingcpl372 48M/49F
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7/19/2006 11:55 am
Last night's webcamming.

I started sucking my husband's cock and it felt so good I tell you. Lately I have been really horney. I dont know if it has to do with the fact I am friends with a woman who is bi and flirts with me off and on all week long. so last night I was having my husband and he began fingering my clit and omg I was like I want your tongue and he laughed. Yeah we have volumn but sometimes we like to keep it mute to keep people wondering what we are saying. at times we both have our glasses off and when we do we can not read the incoming messages which causes me to have to squint. I have to say to those who left messages for yes we wanted to reply but that woudl of ruined the moment.

anyway I finally come and he is close to coming and he says stand up and I do. he fucked me while I was holdoing onto our computer chair and I loved every moment of it. I told my husband I wish we could web cam our party for all to see too but he said it would probably go against swapfinder policy not to mention we would not do that without the permission of our guests. I just get horny thinking of the party next month. I have to say my husband has a sore cock because I can not stop groping him. the closer our party is to being here and my friend not being too far from here the more horny I get. I wish someone was here now .......

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