My Romanian Adventure  

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6/18/2006 6:41 am
My Romanian Adventure

A month ago I was fooling around on a Sexcam site. I'm not all that big into video shows on the subject, but this site allows you to talk to the model beforeyou go spend 4.99 a minute...well, found a few woman that were fun to talk to and that enjoyed my company, did the show thing, way more than I should have, and racked up some pettry hefty bills. Just about the time I decided to stop this foolishiness I met a new model. She is from Romania...working her way through University, by doing this type of work. We began sharing our life stories, and to make a long story short...fell in love. We exchanged emails, she gave me her phone #, eschanged photos..the whole online romance deal.

Then it got even more serious and we decided to work together to make enough money to bring our lives together. Then she started to make promises about doing certain things in regards to sending more photos, giving me an address to send her money for a home PC so we could talk outside of the work environment she is at. Right now she has to pay for Interenet cafe to get my emails and reply and she can't afford that often. However, I think she is very proud person and will not accept charity, even from someone who she supposedly loves. So I've been without communications from her for a week. And am find myself troubled.

Last night I find another website with european models, that is a lot more reasonable priced. I tried a few of them out, but most are just there to put on show and model however, my intuition gave me the green flag. Turns out this lady was more real, and we spent two hours talking about me first, who I am and all that stuff...then we got into my romance with the Romanian. In the end she asked if I would accept some advise from her, she's been doing this type of work for 2 years. She said I give you this advise because you are nice person, and I do like you. These models...they are trained to be nice, that is their job. Your Romanian may be one of the rare, very rare cases...but please don't be are not rich man, and she is poor strggling Unversity student, with brother to take care of, and her own emotional needs to be met. You are very far away, she is 20, things will change over time, and you may find that her love for you now, even if real, cannot sustain her through the years it will take for you two to earn enough money to get together. And she does not speak English, and you do not speak Romanian/ typing is only way you can is not always best medium for two people to truly know one another...also when you finally meet face to face you may not find same "magic" as you have in writing to each other.

Very smart lady this Russian, who gave me the above advise. After which I went to see "House on the Lake" about pushing every emotional button I had...tied right in to what I'm feeling with the Romanian woman.

On the flip side...before this conversation with the Russian, I had another interlude with another Romanian woman...same intuiation green flg with this one. Same deal on our chat, getting to know each other for about an hour, and then the story with my long distance love affair with another Romanian. Push came to shove and she said you wrong to be doubting this relationship with your Romanian. Yes I say, but she make promises she don't follow through with..things she say to me that don't happen. She won't accept money from me to get home PC some we can be in touch every day. This other Romanian lady said, to be quiet for a second and listen to her carefully. I've been in this business a long time, says she. If your Romanian woman did not accept your offer to send her money, than her love is real. But I'm worried about her I say, I don't know what's going on with her and I'm getting scared. Do you have her phone number she asks...yes...let me call her...righ I give the number. I see her call my Romanian girl on the video cam to cam we've got first I see talk, then laughter and more talk. This other Romanian woman than says that everything is ok with my Romanian girlfriend...she says I have gentle wonderful soul and she loves me. This other Romanian says she lives very close to her in Bucharest. I say, wish I could talk to my Romanian girlfriend and understand what she says in Romanina/Italian. This other Romanian looks at me with some pretty sincere eyes, and says she will be with us when the call is made...I know english/romanian very well, I will translate...and I will pay for the call myself. Wow, why? Because I believe what you two have is real and I want to help. let's exchange emails and find a good time where we can all get together to do this.

So there you have it, a brief overview of this adventure where it stands now.

My feelings...scared to death. I don't know how much I can trust my judgement on any of this. My heart is so out of control right now, and getting my common sense around this in order to not end up being a total fool is the challenge.

More to come I guess.

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