Your ideal mate  

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6/17/2005 2:27 am

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Your ideal mate

Can Your "True Sex" Partner...

1) Be much younger then you? (only 4 years)

2) Be much older then you? (nope, I don't date above my age)

3) Have dark skin instead of light? (I prefer light skin, but a tan is okay)

4) Have dark hair instead of blonde hair? (prefer dark hair, dark or medium brown

6) Be shaven or unshaven? (I like shaven except above the vagina)

7) Big ass instead of a little ass?? (an ass is an ass, they're all great)

8 Have longer hair instead of shorter? (I like long hair)

9) Have bigger boobies instead of smaller boobies? (I prefer medium, not too big or too small)

10) Have a Big cock instead of a smaller cock? (I'm sure my cock would work just fine)

11) Have a big pussy instead of a smaller or tighter? (I don't care)

12) Have anal sex or not at all? (she can have it and she enjoys it alot.)

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