The story of How we Got started  

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10/31/2005 4:18 am

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The story of How we Got started

Well we got start quite easily to say the least. Our female grew up on the other side of the state on the saint clair river, so one weekend we went to her cottage on the river for a weekend of relaxation. When we got there one of her high school friends saw us unpacking the car for at the cottage and pulled up to say hi. Introductions were made and the we noticed the friend checkin out the male trying to hide it very badly. So in conversation our male told her how we had been planning to hit canada in few to go gambling, and being polite the female invited the friend to go with us. She accepted. We made it to the casino and the male went on his seprate way to lose money at the black jack tables(how much he lost we still dont know)while the two friends played the slots and caught up with each other. During the converstation it was brought up that our female had gotten quite a catch and that he was very handsome. So at that point there was an attraction displayed from our friend in our male. Well after about an hour of losing money we decide to leave on the 45 minute trip home. Once in the car the conversation got intresting to say the least, and it was about our friends lack of a love life, and she was prying into ours. Our male being the jokester he is kept telling her size doesnt matter and then she i bet your about the size of rice which our female laughed and made some comment about it hardly being small at all. So her friend said prove it. Which was kinda akward so to shut her up we agreed to let her see and he pulled it out as hard as a rock as it could be and she went silent in the back of the car. So she started asking questions after a few minutes about how it felt how long he can go and so forth, our female was getting a little arroused by the conversation and started to share, our male then asked the friend if she has ever been with a woman and she confessed she hadnt and that she would sometime want to try it at wich point our female expressed the same desire.So our male jokingly suggessted we have threesome. Our friend eagerly said she was game while our female kept quiet. She remainded quiet to for the rest of the trip home(a good 15minutes) and out male changed the subject. We pulled into the cottage drive and as we were getting out of the car our female, asked her friend if she was serious about the threesome and our friend stated she was. Our female then stated fine it will happen here right now if it was gonna happen. Our male ran to the door to open it and ushered us both in. After a few moments of akward silence our male persuade our friend to get naked since she had already seen his package and she did. He liked what he saw and pulled out his package again and our female started sucking his cock. He motioned for our friend to come closer and started sucking her nipples and fingering her clit. Our female then stopped sucking his cock and demanded him to fuck her friend. He quickly got undressed and she found the bed and helped him in her and screwed her hard pulling out and cumming all over her stomach. By this time our female was naked and in bed also and was starting to explore the friends body. They started to kiss passionalty and he then started screwing our female from behind and evnetually came all over her back. The two females then started to 69 and the male hung back and was stroking, they 69 for a good hour then the male went back to screwing the friend, this went on all night the friend ended up getting filled with cum 15 times. She has since moved to arizona but visits us once every three months to rekindle that night

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12/4/2005 6:48 am

OMG... 15 times... we have got to meeet in person LOL

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