Another misadventure  

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10/31/2005 3:30 am

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Another misadventure

Well once again we thought we found someone real and intresting on this site to meet up with; and once again we were wrong. We were going to meet bifem_200221 just to chat and see if there were any chemistry with no pressure. So we agreed to meet at public place to talk in person, well two hours later we were at home trying to reconnect with her becuase she never showed, no explaination. Just another one of the many that are very gung ho about meeting and never show, does anyone have any suggestion on how to avoid people like that?


10/31/2005 5:26 am

Couples that are serious usually give names,e-mail address and phone numbers ( usually cell #).But the best way to see if they are fakes or not is probably to mail back and forth( AdultFriendFinder mail) and talk to them on the phone.If a couple,talk to both on the phone first.ALSO,,,,you may have answered your own question, " many that are very gung ho...". That is always a 'redflag'.If they seem 'gung ho' that means 'inexperienced' to us.Another point,younger couples are more likely to stand you up than the older ones,same with single women that are younger. Good luck.

MichiganCpl25 38M/35F

11/7/2005 8:48 pm

We do agree on some things FRNDSINLOWPLACES said, but other things are kind of mean, and not correct. We look for people with testamonials. That is a good sign that they are real and ready to meet. Definately get phone #s. If we can type and talk about anything, then we should be able to talk on the phone about anything too. For the 1st meeting we like going to people's houses, or inviting them to ours, this way if we are stood up, then we didn't leave and waste gas That is what we agree with them on. ON THE OTHER HAND!! We are a young couple, and yes sometimes we are gung-ho. But it is because we are pressed for time, want to get going, or maybe we think people aren't for real. We have testimonials, and are very open to chatting with people. Sometimes we are really ready to meet these people, and other times we are like, "NO WAY!!" but yet still civil and nice. So to steriotype all young people that way is just wrong. YOu need to look at individual people and couples. If people are serious, they will have no problem talking to you on the phone. And if they really like you, have no problem coming over.

BTW thx for the comments on the new pictures

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