Updated and more cheerful  

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5/26/2006 7:59 am
Updated and more cheerful

Back now.

Bit choked before because of situation but, cheered myself up by looking, acting and actually being a complete prat.

Went like this:
8.15 loaded blog and went to yard to work off tension with some manual labour.
Helped load a vehicle and decided to take the load myself as destination was fairly close.
It has to be said at this time that the transport manager is not altogether keen on my being let loose with the larger vehicles due to an incident or two in the past. ( No, not this time!).

So I’m off, a 1 hour round trip and I just got back 3 hours later. Not difficult, pull into a yard, unhook trailer and hitch up empty one and drive back. Not rocket science exactly is it?

Well, it goes like this…. I don’t go out so often ( excuse first for justification), so I put my sat-nav from the car in the cab. Being clever I checked the route and found road works halfway so plotted a “better” one. You don’t get to own the company being stupid, or is that a requirement?
Anyway I am trundling along side streets, 9 inches of space either side of the vehicle due to cars parked on either side. Not a real problem until I get to mini roundabout and have to do a 77 point turn just to go left. Thank goodness for power steering. Negotiate that and now I have a number of vehicles following me obviously under the impression I knew where I was going. I negotiated a bend and came to a stop some 150 yards before an obstacle.
Now I knew why they were following me. They probably had a book running on how a 13 foot trailer is going to fit under an 11 foot railway bridge.
Now that’s another thing, when you are just hoping that traffic cops are either rare or extinct you are comforted in the knowledge that when you don’t want one, a bloated apparition with a smug grin appears.
“Did you see the warning sign?”
Yes, just checking if you had it in the right place.
“You don’t drive around here very often then”
Every day, just didn’t know they’d lowered the bridge.

So long story short ( must stop that, means shorter blogs) said yellow jacket man and partner set about reversing up about 3000 cars ( ok, there was about 7) some 400 metres so I could follow suit and extricate myself from an embarrassing situation. As they were shunting the cars back I was peeking through my mirrors and the ridiculousness of it all hit me and I had a bit of a laughing fit.
Eventually turned around and went back to the main roads but, the incident itself did cheer me up no end!

Was that it, well no, knob-head copper had telephoned the depot (Tel. No. on cab), to tell “the boss” about his idiot driver. Boss not there (mm) so told office manageress, who is not known for keeping any of my secrets.
As I drive back in the depot some a***hole has constructed a banner that says welcome home and all the little white flags with red crosses from the morons cars were strung between vehicles.
You cannot buy scandal like that can you? I’ll never be allowed out again. Transport manager still hasn’t spoken to me but, I’ve seen him glaring!!!

So, Devil Woman, she’s still at it!
7 emails today, WHY ME?
Now she sent some photos and my GOD, what a shock. I was expecting a gothically enhanced version of Edward scissorhands with tattooed forehead and spikes from her ears.
She is actually very beautiful!
Not so beautiful that you would go to the Med to have your eggs cut off though.
Apparently she is the spark that will set fire to my soul and it will be cooked so we both can share a meal. ( Not verbatim but, the gist).
What’s wrong with BBQ sausages if she likes burnt food? Why does it have to be part of my anatomy or inner being? I’ll get chicken, pork, veggies, anything, but, spit roasting me is not a menu item. Sorry.

Scammer preggy2 is still at it but, I am not going to justify the mails with comment. Just to say I have it down to 3 suspects now and I’m investigating!

Nice comment on TV last night: Define retirement: What men do when they die and women do when they marry!
Sorry girls, I thought that was priceless!

Update on the idea to move office outside in warmer weather?
I still think it’s an absolutely unworkable and ridiculous idea and have told the girls so in no uncertain manner.
Laptops arrive Tuesday and wheelie desks already here. Who runs this bloody place?
You women are relentless when you want something and eventually, us men always give in. It’s nothing more that we cannot argue with your logic.
It totally goes over our head and it’s so much easier and peaceful to say yes, do it, leave me alone that makes it an inevitable result for you. The more experienced a man gets the more futile he realises argument is and the quicker the peace pact is drawn up.
Answer is that they will park their posteriors outside the offices as soon as the weather gets better. Only the gazebo and wiring to sort out now. Oh, well.

Update on A. Much better, she is getting the message loud and clear now thank heavens. 20 + the baby is not a good idea for me or them. Bless her, I hope she finds someone one day.

And the reason I am still on this site. When I first arrived it was to bonk for England and then, as detailed earlier in the blogs, I changed my perspective somewhat, altered the profile and got more real after self analysis.
So, the reason I’m still here is that I have been able to discover the things in a relationship that are really important to me.
That is first and foremost someone who has a brain and can challenge me with views and opinions that may be new to me.
Another thing is I am beginning to realise, through writing a blog, is just how insular I was starting to be, my world revolved around my perception of “success” and I am starting to redefine that perception.
In the words of a fellow blogger for whom I have much respect, being the “duty grown up” can be a real bitch at times.
So, I want to find a friend or friends to hang out with, be myself, be vulnerable, be silly, be a child again, share raw emotion and if that includes sexual interaction then that’s great but, if not that’s great too. And if I finally find a soul-mate that would be wonderful and if not then my life will be enhanced anyway with new friends so I’m a winner whatever happens.
What is sad is that 2 of the people I really like since I came here have closed their profiles and decided to leave. I know for one of them it was the constant bombardment of graphic sexuality in her mailbox and a meet that caused her to leave. It is a shame they have gone (or are going) but, I am hoping to stay in touch with them both.
Still feels a bit like losing friends though, and that is not something that is nice.

However, I hope they come back for the blogging! They can always leave their profiles

Back tommorrow

Have fun

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