This site can SERIOUSLY damage your health  

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5/10/2006 2:06 pm

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This site can SERIOUSLY damage your health


Tonight was the night people, we had emailed, charted on MSN (no cams) and she had expressed more than a passing interest.
On my part I had ensured that we were singing off the same songsheet, we both knew what we wanted and there was no hint of deception, lies or half-truths.
The scene was set, we both knew what we were in for and were comfortable with it.

Made the arrangements, made sure I booked a decent hotel, ensured the meal was going to be a little better than the norm and the surroundings would be convivial and relaxing.
Did my bit, as you do, got the ‘toys’ organised as she had said she liked and all was well with the World.
Turned up at the hotel, made sure room was good etc. and settled down on the old laptop to do some work until it was time for that wonderful liason.
That time arrived… and I drove to collect my new fu** buddy.

Now here this is what I wanted to write:
“ I collected my Italian beauty from her home and drove her to the restaurant for a relaxing and sensuous dinner. The wine flowed as we looked into each others eyes and sensed a meeting of needs and wants. Our fingers touched lightly as we explored each others thoughts and determined the way forward. The starter to the meal was, surprisingly, a light kiss that lasted a millisecond longer than it would have been seemly to do, the main course was interrupted on a number of occasions by the touch of a knee against knee, a foot touching a foot and eyes locked in the anticipation of a night that would last for eternity in our souls. My loins ached for her as she became more and more aroused by the subtle lovemaking and her breast swelled beneath her thin silk dress, her hardening nipples hinting at promises that would be fulfilled later. Desert was refused by us both, fuelled by passion, lust, wine and want as we made our way rapidly to a bedroom that was temporary but the fulfilment of a need that would last forever in our minds. The first day of a lasting cojoining of two souls whose only want was physical, yet emotional on a higher level than we both understood.
As we closed the door our bodies could no longer resist the internal turmoil and we came together in a kiss that can only be described as angelic, yet filled with a passion and lust that would not be quelled without total satisfaction. We undressed each other as our lips locked, our tongues exploring each other, our hands finding the heaven we sought and our minds as one being.
Our clothes lay scattered on the floor as we climbed into the shower without a word, merely groaning with the ecstacy of desire.
I cleansed and carresed her body from head to toe, then tasted her beauty as I kissed her body and took her love juices in my mouth as she leant back whimpering with pleasure and then screaming as she reached her first orgasm. Her juices flowed as she knelt and took me in her mouth and I reached the pinnacle of pleasure.
We dried each other and then she leant over the washbasin as I took her from the rear and we both cried out as we reached the height of orgasm together.

The desk in the room was large and we walked past it to the bed, intending only to pause as we kissed and carresed each other in the aftermath of what only intense pleasure can bring.
As her tongue explored me I felt the want of her like I had never known before and I laid her on the desk, and commenced to massage her body with my lips.

Her breasts were small and her nipples hard and sensitive, the epitomy of pleasure and beauty. I lingered as my tongue wandered over them, savouring her taste and pleasure, reluctantly leaving them to the attention of my fingers as my lips traced a path to her navel and then to the opening of paradise where her juices were again flowing freely and I partook of them hungrily and greedily. Her clitoris was a gift from heaven and I treated it with due decorum and reverence.
Her back arched as she reached orgasm again and then she relaxed as I soothed the passion with the eroticism of continuing my journey down her beautiful thighs before returning to her breasts….
You can guess the rest……

This is what really happened… ARE YOU REALLY READY FOR THIS????

Well ….. its bubble bursting time..

Turned up and a person emerged from the house, smiling and extremely feminine. HOWEVER.. I might not have the best eyesight in the world but… The jeans and bulge in the crotch left me in NO DOUBT. It was a f***ing guy!
I have nothing against gays, bi’s or whatever people want to do, couldn’t care less, doesn’t move my planet BUT, the deceitful little shit was about a nanosecond away from a pasting. I have to confess that my reaction would have intimidated Frank Bruno (the boxer, sort of) but, the spineless piece of shit ran like a gazelle down the street.
Did I stay angry? No, the sight of him mincing down the street at 30mph plus had me bent over pissing myself with laughter.
Check out the profile hotprettyitalian and you tell me.. would YOU have known it was a male? And she has another one Tropicalvicky check it out IS THIS A MAN???

Please leave comments, I’m as sick as a chocolate frog

PassionKisses4Me 44F

5/10/2006 2:35 pm

what a let down for you sweetie...I'm sorry



1ande4u 39F

5/10/2006 2:37 pm

Oh my God! I checked out the site. I NEVER would have thought it wa a man. I am sooo sorry that happened to you. You need to report that!

I do have to add that I am disgusted to see that man has a better body than I do. My only consolation is that I what I have is real! *Y* (Y)

funintheday2006 56M
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5/10/2006 2:48 pm

Dont feel sorry for me, it was the best laugh Ive had in ages!!
Putting it into perspective, you could not buy the humour from the sight of the bugger running down the road!
Im a realist, i dont get put off that easy!

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