Sunday morning musings...  

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5/14/2006 2:32 am

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Sunday morning musings...

Lunch happenings posted tomorrow (aint been, still working!).

Reason for this diatribe? That poll I put in below regarding sensual profiles and photos.

I was thinking that in order to get to know me a little better ( and this IS a sex site!), you may want to know what moves my planet sensually.

Well I will not offend anyone by giving profiles that I don’t like but, there are a number I find really sexy and as these people are here to meet or whatever it gives me a chance to say “thanks for the photo”, here’s some publicity for you!

If you are mentioned here and don’t like being so, drop me a line and Ill remove you from the sexiest photos of all time list!

lliad1. Check out the photo with this young lady in pink. Revealing, yes but tasteful and extremely erotic and sexy.
Maxinudi. Perfect example that you do not need body shots to be sensual and sexy. Check out the eyes.
PreciousOrchid. Look at that face! It tells a story, the pose a picture of lovliness.
Lutonbabe. Real attitude there! Sexy..
Just a touch of. Look at main photo. Funny and sensual woman.
Saucykitten1000 Sweetness personified with a promise that is unspoken
Lookielikeateen. Not sure if this is a spammer but the pose is so beautiful aesthetically, the adrenalin goes rampant!
Verywet18 A nice person and a smile that makes the heart pound.
Julietbabee My only nude! Tastetful and very erotic
Stickivix Check out the main photo, the epitomy of a beautiful body posed perfectly to elicit hormone infused enthusiasm!
Pandorapink. Definately a scammer but, a beautiful photograph
Bikercaz I have to say that the second photo on this profile is so alluring it takes my breath away! Main photo is nice too but, this one.phew, need a drink of water..
L8ly Now this is my only boob shot. Reason for inclusion? Apart from the fact the breasts are gorgeous the photo is mysterious as well as sensula.

There are many more, this site is endless and I have tried to leave out the obvious professional photographs and the inevitable so called models. This list is by means definitive but, it does give an insight into what I, a normal (???) man views as erotic and/or enticing. I have not chosen simply women looking for guys nor is this an attempt to self advertise to the above people.

Oh.. and if your wondering if my lunch date is up there, the answer is.... NO!!

Post tomorrow for lunch news!

Have fun

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