funintheday2006 56M
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8/17/2006 6:31 pm

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8/21/2006 7:54 pm


I got to thinking yesterday. Not a comfortable feeling but, hey, it happens.

Now, I know its not healthy but, I fancied a McDonalds yesterday so I had one. I am not interested really in the food from there but, the milkshakes are awesome.

They need some suck don’t they?

Well I was contemplating a problem. How does a man ascertain how good a woman will be at giving head (so to speak, not that I am being crude).

Its an aspect of a relationship most men find fairly important so I have now devised a plan that will tell you how good she will be bobbing that beautiful head up and down whilst you are examining the crown of her head .

There can be nothing worse than doing the whole romantic seduction jobby only to find a disappointing blow job is your only reward.

All first dates must now start at McDonalds and she will have to drink a large strawberry milkshake. Tell her you will bet her a pair of shoes that she cannot finish the drink without pausing for breath.

It really is the definitive guide, if she fails you re-evaluate your relationship requirements, possibly saying goodbye there and then if she finishes less than a quarter.

HOWEVER, if she succeeds, its worth a pair of shoes in any mans language.

If you think it is easy, buy one and give it a shot, they are as thick as a blogger.

All that’s left is to talk her into a blow job that will pull your eyes down to your arsehole.

I charge nothing for these gems of information, incidentally.

So admit it, how often do you have a McDonalds?

Do you agree on the Fun Shake test.?

Girls, can you do a McDonalds shake in one???

hornylilgirl78 105F

8/17/2006 6:37 pm

Talk about an brain freeze!!! I'm already blonde...don't make it worse!!

How about something sucking a wad of BubbleYum threw the hole of a Lifesaver in 1 second? I can do that! What am I talking about? I sucked YOUR eyeballs out!!!

Besides a blowjob is about MUCH more than the a woman eat an ice cream cone and you'll know...

Wanna buy me an icecream cone??

h Hornylil g


"As kinky as a cheap garden hose!"

funintheday2006 replies on 8/17/2006 10:53 pm:
Blondes have more 'fun' then

JuicyBBW1001 54F

8/17/2006 6:41 pm

Fun hun I could swallow you whole in one suck and move on to the next man whilest your still suckin your milkshake. Now put that in your straw and suck it.


funintheday2006 replies on 8/17/2006 10:54 pm:
Would I notice I wonder

economickrisis 54M

8/17/2006 7:17 pm

Do ya give her fries with that?

funintheday2006 replies on 8/17/2006 10:54 pm:
French, for foreplay

Balibabe19 41F

8/17/2006 8:07 pm

Does suck startin a harley give you a clue?...No?

How about suckin a soccer ball thru a garden hose? Not yet?

What about you? Surely with the amount of Macca's milkshake notches on your belt you could tell us how much is too much! Or should I rephrase and ask "How far is too far?"

funintheday2006 replies on 8/17/2006 10:56 pm:
Its never TOO far

freetime648 52F

8/17/2006 10:47 pm

My blow job talents are unpreceadented ..but the ability to suck a McDonald's Milkshake without taking a breath???? Are you kidding me???? I don't think even Hoover or Dirt Devil can do that! Man, you are hard to please!!!! Oh, and you'd have to promise me more than a pair of shoes!!!

xx FREETIME648 xx

funintheday2006 replies on 8/17/2006 10:57 pm:
A weeks window shopping?

rm_WackyEPP 52F
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8/17/2006 10:59 pm

I had the very same craving yesterday, only I prefer banana flavour.

Surely a good blow-job is not just about the suck! The tongue action, agility of the lips and the whole tease factor has to cum into play.

I'd suck you in and blow you out in bubbles.

So admit it, how often do you have a McDonalds? I get the craving about once a month, blow-jobs I can handle hourly.

Do you agree on the Fun Shake test.? Nah! I think there is so much more to pleasuring a mans dick with your mouth.

Girls, can you do a McDonalds shake in one??? Never tried it, but will attemp it just for you.

Wacky Jacky

funintheday2006 replies on 8/17/2006 11:58 pm:
Banana? Surprise, surprise
Good suck will do for a start, you wont finish the shake

rm_sexxikritter 52F
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8/17/2006 11:12 pm

    Quoting PreciousOrchid:
    If you guys figure a way to make yourselves taste like strawberry milkshake you may be on more of a winner!
You tell him PreciousOrchid!
Hun, by the time I got done with you, you would be making a call to the optician to see if they make glasses for those eyeballs down by your arsehole.


funintheday2006 replies on 8/17/2006 11:25 pm:
If you only suck one eye down I'll need a monocle. Do they still make them


8/17/2006 11:22 pm

Fun, you may be onto something here. If a lady can get a Wendy's "frosty" through a straw in 5 minutes. . . I think I'd have to propose on the spot.

Bronzehalo 2007

funintheday2006 replies on 8/17/2006 11:27 pm:
I dont do Wendy's unless I am over the water, McDonalds is the best we do here. I'll grab a wench and try it next time I get to Tampa.

papyrina 50F
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8/18/2006 12:07 am

i prefer plain milk out of the cartoon,no straw.
There are not many guys dicks the size of straws so how can the test be accurate,or are you admiting your dic is a weeny

I'm a

i'm here to stay

funintheday2006 replies on 8/18/2006 12:57 am:
My dick is a weeny

funintheday2006 replies on 8/18/2006 12:57 am:
But a busy bugger

phoenix639 49F

8/18/2006 1:13 am

Oh god im stuffed yet again.

I cant stand milk or milkshakes. They make me retch. Not a good start.

When i answer everyones little 'sex test' thingies i always appear a bore, non sexual or a frigid type yet im far from it.

Someone do a test so i can look good....i speak about 10 sentences without breathing!! Does that count?

funintheday2006 replies on 8/18/2006 1:44 am:
You are a woman, if you can breathe without speaking, that would be novel

phoenix639 49F

8/18/2006 1:13 am

Oh god im stuffed yet again.

I cant stand milk or milkshakes. They make me retch. Not a good start.

When i answer everyones little 'sex test' thingies i always appear a bore, non sexual or a frigid type yet im far from it.

Someone do a test so i can look good....i speak about 10 sentences without breathing!! Does that count?

If this is posted a few times im sorry but guess what....yeah more AdultFriendFinder issues.

funintheday2006 replies on 8/18/2006 1:45 am:
You repeated yourself and blamed someone else, yup, a woman

BaronessK 52F

8/18/2006 5:06 am

2 main points -- Wendy's is harder to do {and yes I can, under 4 minutes}.

Shouldn't the real test be to see if she really 'sucks' to begin with...because so few women do; and out of those, how many do it more than 5 minutes? Sure, a milkshake or an ice cream may INDICATE...that she can suck down a milkshake or eat an ice cream {although when I do the later...grown men groan...why is that...?}.

funintheday2006 replies on 8/18/2006 5:53 am:
Its because they want the ice cream, silly bugger.
5 minutes? you do it 3 times?? wow

laceylady1000 52M/55F
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8/18/2006 5:12 am

Hubby buys me loads of shoes.........but I do like Precious Orchids shoes-where they from Precious?
Hubby says its not the sucking that counts in his book tho-its the lickin'-maybe you should be taking 'em to KFC instead........

funintheday2006 replies on 8/18/2006 5:15 am:
They are her fuck me shoes, I got her them after we'd been to McDonalds. You cant tell anything by licking a dead animals skin.

laceylady1000 52M/55F
185 posts
8/18/2006 6:05 am

Finger lickin' hun......

funintheday2006 replies on 8/18/2006 6:23 am:
I want a blow job not a fucking cannibal chewing on my digits

Bloody_Quandary 49F

8/18/2006 7:22 am

It is just bacwards mister fun god.

funintheday2006 replies on 8/18/2006 7:36 am:
Hello mother

Bloody_Quandary 49F

8/18/2006 9:01 am

Hello son

funintheday2006 replies on 8/18/2006 9:06 am:
Wheres dad

bingybongy 54M

8/18/2006 9:46 am

This is a post for the ladies around here....

How can you tell which clan a Scotsman is?

Put your hand down his pants, and if he's got two quarter pounders - he's a McDonald's.

FITD - Please tell your mom that she doesn't look anything like she does on the stamps.


funintheday2006 replies on 8/18/2006 9:48 am:
She is smiling on this one, a corgi is shagging her, thats why she looks different
Crap joke

bingybongy 54M

8/18/2006 9:51 am

A corgi???

How low can she get???


funintheday2006 replies on 8/19/2006 12:08 am:
I think its about 7" from the ground

Greekgirl4u06 39F

8/18/2006 1:30 pm

only do mcdonalds a few times a year. do i agree with the milkshake test? i guess i would have to say no, but im not a guy, so im guessing you all have different ways of judging if a girls good or not. ive never tried to suck a shake down all at once, but im dumb enough just to try it now after reading your blog.

funintheday2006 replies on 8/19/2006 12:09 am:
I am a milkshake impersonator

4biddenlove4us 49F

8/19/2006 1:16 am

I don't ever go to McDonalds, I'm no donald duck

funintheday2006 replies on 8/19/2006 1:21 am:
I send one of the staff, I would not be seen dead in the place

wishinNhoping 64F
527 posts
8/19/2006 1:04 pm

Lie back and enjoy........
'nuff said.

Take care
P xxx

funintheday2006 replies on 8/19/2006 9:20 pm:
Would that mean I had been laid??

wishinNhoping 64F
527 posts
8/20/2006 8:22 am

It means I would do my best to give you the best damn bj you ever had!!
P xx

funintheday2006 replies on 8/20/2006 10:15 pm:
I dont think I ever had one

legsallthewayup 53F  
37 posts
8/20/2006 2:40 pm

Actually, you can save yourself the price of a costy milkshake by meeting the sucker there at the counter, accompanying her to the ladies lounge and takin her for a test drive, if you she's any kind of sport, or a big boned gal, you will have your answer in 3 sucks and a testicle tickle, bobs your uncle, off you go.

you know why big boned girls give good head?
because they HAVE to......shit, thats a load, even for

check out my blog, sense the suck........

funintheday2006 replies on 8/20/2006 10:15 pm:
With a philosophy like that I cannot ignore your blog

Steel_Legs 58M/F

8/20/2006 3:53 pm

A "Legs" blow job is unprecedented. I'm not crazy about having to tug the sheet out of my asshole afterwards, but there's always a price to pay.

BTW - if you're taking your dates to McD's on a first date, I have a better understanding of why you have so much time for blogging.


funintheday2006 replies on 8/20/2006 10:17 pm:

McDonalds has wire free, I blog whilst they suck

HeatedCondition 60M
890 posts
8/20/2006 10:50 pm

Suck an entire milkshake in one breath? Not reasonable. Everybody knows you get brainfreeze when you do that!


funintheday2006 replies on 8/20/2006 11:24 pm:
You have spotted the crux of the challenge. Ladies cannot freeze what is missing. That'll go down well

wishinNhoping 64F
527 posts
8/21/2006 3:40 am

Ohhhhhh, I love a challenge!!!

Take care
P xxx

funintheday2006 replies on 8/21/2006 7:53 pm:
Me too

tracy_de_lacy 105F
9268 posts
8/21/2006 5:22 am

Hmmm, silly man. Oral sex isn't just about sucking.

Bye everyone, it was a blast

funintheday2006 replies on 8/21/2006 7:53 pm:
Aye lassie, but och, the noo, half a loaf is better than nae bread at all

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