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6/8/2006 9:03 pm

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Morning all. You all watch TV last night?
Did anyone else see the ad for the washing powder that removes bloodstains from your T shirt? I was amazed, surely, if you have a T shirt full of blood then washing it is the least of your problems, isn’t it?
“Hello, is that the police? I’ve just been stabbed by a mad naked nymphomaniac, can you send an ambulance in an hour, I need to wash my T Shirt.”

There was another one advertising a breakfast cereal that looks like a cross between sawdust and faeces and, apparently, is excellent as “part of a calorie controlled diet.” Now we all know that’s bullshit but why do they insist that the models that advertise these things are about 14 years old and built like anorexic matchsticks? Who told them that it is attractive to have no thighs, no breasts and no arse? You don’t REALLY want to look like that, do you girls? It’s horrible! Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with being thin, I myself have to run around in a shower to get wet but, there does come a point where the protruding rib cage interferes with attempted body slapping. Would the sound of bodies coming together and parting in the passion of lovemaking be quite as sensuous if it was akin to the grinding of teeth? Bone clashing against bone as rib cages collide in an attempt to reach orgasm? Does that sound erotic?

Whilst we are on the subject (were we?), lets talk about age differences between lovers. It is a subject that never crossed my mind in the past but of late has been a source of some thought. (It’s ok, I aint going off on the Viagra thing again!).
As the late 40’s arrives on the 18th of this month I would have thought, if indeed it was an issue, that my days of groping, grasping, mutually sweating and sharing copulation exercise with teenagers and the early 20’s girl was well and truly over.
It would appear that it is still an option even in my advanced wrinkly state.
The A situation is well documented here and there are a couple of other young ladies around the same age with whom I exchange pleasantries via this site and in addition appear to be more than willing to meet for fuck buddy interviews!
Last night I got an open invitation from a young lady with whom msn has been a feature for a while. Now, she is 18 years old, how can I even contemplate sex with her??
Girls of that age are sexually mature and of legal age but, my problem is that I cannot take them seriously as women.
That may be ageist but, for me, part of a woman’s allure is her maturity and experience of life.
Her strength of character that can only be built by the experience of living those highs and lows of developing yourself.
At 18/20 you haven’t even started the journey.
The act of sexual gratification between a man of my age and a young girl may be desirable and ego massaging but, what the fuck would you talk about before and after?
I’m afraid my discussion boredom tolerance regarding recently taken school exams and latest fashions is somewhat limited.
I’m not saying that all girls of that age are shallow and uninteresting, what I am saying is that a woman in her late 20’s on has reached an understanding of herself and life-skills that come with experience and makes her sexier, more sensual, more open and a damn site more difficult!
And whilst men complain about the ‘difficult’ side of women and our failure to ‘understand’ them, it is all part of being a woman and if we are honest, we love you for it!
As we get a little older us poor men begin to realise that we like women a little younger than we are simply because they develop more quickly mentally and we have common ground.

That’s the soapbox stuff and if your 18 and in need of Dr. Crapshags attention don’t let that tirade stop you getting back to me!
I’m kidding, ok!

Now, I’m getting a bit busy on msn right now (5am?????) so Ill get back to you later.

Take care and make damn sure you have fun

catkit13 66F

6/9/2006 1:13 am

don't forget the experienced and willing 56 y/o woman waiting for you in the desert of beautiful arizona

funintheday2006 replies on 6/9/2006 2:06 am:
Ooooo, willing does it for me babe!
Get the barby going, be there by lunch!


florallei 99F

6/10/2006 12:46 pm

I am in agreement with you on many levels...firstly re. the woman's thinness versus the realistic body. I was a size 0 and 2 for decades...not because I wanted it...Finally in my late 30s I gained weight and now am a happy size 6...I love my body looks far more sexier. It was painful to make love with bones sticking is indeed sad times when many young women are bombardied with images of stick figured models...why bother to have a gown on an anorexic figure when it looks the same on a hanger...makes no sense...
My ex husband used to tease me that when I turned 40 he would exchange me for 2 20s...the only problem is he didn't wait for my 40th...he was busy making out with teenagers and 20 something girls... no doubt their bodies are leaner and tighter and their skin are softer and less wrinkles but that is where it ends...
Experiences and maturity and grace are what makes a woman beautiful and how she has used her life to uplift and encouraged I love the 20 something age group after all my own children are of those age...but their attitudes and outlook in life are still not quite refined...only experiences, hardships, knowing one's inside will make them fully blossom into their authentic selves...
Alas my ex realized much too late what he my own daughter said, "Papa traded you for a beer mug and you are an exquisite china"...out of the mouths of this daughter of mine...
Thank you for sharing YOU...I am beginning to see the REAL YOU...delightfully fun...

funintheday2006 replies on 6/10/2006 1:13 pm:
Leaner and tighter bodies ladies, thats the issue for many I suspect, men and women.
Having a face like a British bulldog its unreasonable of me to expect such physial perfection in my mate!
I do, however, appreciate that crows feet can frame the most beautiful eyes and are not a distraction, lines on the face tell stories of life and fingers can trace the the experiences. Maturity in our partner is what we all need and want, experience brings maturity grace is part of that maturing process, i agree with you.
Your beginning to see the real me are you babe? Not sure thats a good thing (!), what will happen to the mystery when you finally corner me in the bedroom and ravish me? Oh, need a shower now!
I suppose this means no more photos then!!

have a good weekend

rm_LdyDeath69 37F

6/11/2006 10:10 pm

I agree with florallei on the model aspect. I can understand why young women and even some more mature women are obsessed with looking good, when we have all these supermodels on the cover of magazines who look like they're from a starving third world country. I myself, only being 26, have started to gain a little weight, after being 110 pounds since I was in early high school. However, I too have problems with my self esteem because of above said models. Why do we compare ourselves to these superficial beings?? Why can't we just be happy with who we are? Believe me, I'm trying.

funintheday2006 replies on 6/11/2006 11:10 pm:
Its gotta be hard, marketing is a phenomenal weapon.
Look at you babe, your beautiful, why would you even consider comaprison with anyone else? Let them compare with you, you hit all the right buttons.
For a real man, physical attributes are just 1 aspect of a woman and thee are countless points of interest, so be you and be you. Thats all you need.
Thanks for popping in again hon.

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