funintheday2006 56M
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6/13/2006 1:39 am

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1/9/2007 7:31 am


Back with a vengeance.

Been quiet for a while but devil woman has written again, on msn and I ignored her so off the keyboard went.
Those of you new to my litle satanic beauty must read previous blogs do learn her plans for me.
She is a revelation of sexual diversity and wonder!
Below is copy/paste of just a small selection of her email. At the end are 2 questions you can answer for me.

No,lovely man,can not be so bad to who I writting these sentences.Just I was
thinking what can we do
My blades, your skin, the life blood, drawing it tasting it bathing in it
Something ,like to keep life away
Something easy but at the same time diffucult like a laceworkmade with knife on body seems easly but there are thousands of loop many cuts thousands of second and labour I will do with love. My tears will heal your pain as we move to anew beginning. Smell of life force will give us many pleasure my body thrusting to you
Destiny Destiny looking us silently and it will be approve if we do
some thing sincerely for our.Because destiny did what it can do : We meet. We will do we will live

Question 1. Am I missing something here or does she plan to disect me?
Question 2. Should we meet in Las Vegas so we can get married quickly?

badassbullet 35M

6/13/2006 2:40 am

Its all fun and games till someone looses an eye (",)

funintheday2006 replies on 6/13/2006 8:56 am:
Ooo, someone whose done it and lived to tell the tale.
Well done mate!
Thanks for popping in.

wishinNhoping 64F
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6/13/2006 9:20 am

Methinks she's in serious need of therapy.
Stay well away.
Should you decide to go the Las Vegas route you gotta send me an invite.!!!!!
Take care, have fun
P xx

funintheday2006 replies on 6/13/2006 11:23 am:
Isn't she just the cutest little cyber babe?
Im starting a petition to stop Turkey joining the EU. This girl should need a visa to leave the house!
Plane late??
Go to Bermuda woman, begone, well be here when you return.

RubyRedPetal 44F

6/13/2006 2:51 pm

Just make sure u take some plasters wontcha!

* *

funintheday2006 replies on 6/13/2006 3:08 pm:
Thats fucking awesome!!!
Thank you

florallei 99F

6/13/2006 5:15 pm

...I am not a stupid person nor a genuis...but happily believe to be bright but her mind seems to be a bit schizo? minute carving you...which she seems to take delight in and the next "destiny"???...did I miss a left turn somewhere? sorry can't decipher her code...ask the NAVY or ARMED FORCES...they may be able to help you darling.


funintheday2006 replies on 6/13/2006 8:14 pm:
you and me both! shes a doll isn't she? my very own turkish delight!

MaggiesWishes 59F

6/13/2006 8:32 pm

I'm so confused

But truly, the package seems to entail drama that will always keep you wondering what's next? AND it's so dark ... better take a flashlight.

I think, just my wee mind thinking, better to find someone "semi-sane" and stand a chance then to be totally committed in her world.

warm huggies 2ya

funintheday2006 replies on 6/13/2006 8:33 pm:
Semi-sane? Here?
Send me her profile!!

florallei 99F

6/13/2006 9:16 pm

Hello Fun,

will be sending my profile to

funintheday2006 replies on 6/13/2006 9:42 pm:
I just knew you were unique!

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