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Why do we call it a one night stand??
The other languages I have a nodding aquaintance with (Spanish, Russian, Italian) do not have such a phrase to describe a liason that lasts just the one time.
Wierd isn't it?, standing is probably the last thing that phyisically happens on these occasions ( limited experience, but a little!)
Laid, knelt, on top, underneath,but rarely stood these encounters are the culmination of a pure animal lust that takes no account of compatibility or understanding of the other persons needs or ddesires. A simple overwhelming need to use another persons body to satisfy the sexual cravings that have usually been fueled by alcohol. ( Again my limited experience!)
I do remember one occasion where standing became a continuation of what had happened in the living room (floor and setteee, not stood) where making a drink in the kitchen commenced a standing action replay, but, even this culminated on a worktop enhanced experience.
We all love sex ( wouldnt be on this site otherwise) but, I wonder what percentage of people actually find the experience of a one-nighter actually REALLY satisfying?? Please tell me.
For me personally, I find the first time of sex with a new partner to be usually an exporation of desires which starts with a doubt as to how far this will go, a lack of knowledge of the other person, their likes, dislikes, needs, wants and expectations. The exploration usually commences with awkwardness and barely controlled fumbling ( yes it does, dont kid yourself) and culmuinates with an orgasm (hopefully for all parties) that is mind blowing, new, but, somehow not quite enough. To go further requires a "relationship" whether that be a commited one, an open one or even one that both parties accept will be limited in time ( 1 hour - ????). A relationship does not have to last very long to be a good one or indeed have exclusivity, indeed it can occur in an orgy where some or all participants want to satisfy as well as be satisfied.
The discovery of your chosen partners needs and meeting them brings so much pleasure to all parties that it should never be substituted for the one orgasm.
Now I, like many others, want to explore every side of my sexuality including group sex, 3 somes, discreet liasons,multiple situations and positions yet, I believe there has to be more pleasure and satisfaction from actually getting to know my partners a little and making serious attempts to satisfy their desiresa as well as my own.
So, if there are people out there who wish to journey with me I would love to hear from them.
Perfection is whereby all parties are prepared to discuss their fantasies and wants openly and set the limits at the outset and for the other(s) involved to respect and comply.
Whether it be an extreme kink or just an aspect of sex that a partner has a genuine problem with then it should be accepted by all as out of bounds in order fo all to be totally comfortable.

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5/14/2006 3:49 am

I agree with you 100%, Fun. The first encounter should be just the start of learning about your partner's wants/desires/fantasies. Only after you have tried something, can you say for sure if you like it or not. Each person giving the experience has the potential to make the actity rewarding/sensual in a different way. Or unrewarding. Just because you didn't enjoy a particular activity with one partner, does NOT mean that you won't have the time of your life doing it with someone else!
Keeping an open mind about doing what your partner likes, adds to the errotic passion that is created between you. It can only be created over time. It starts by taking that first step.

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