I spend more time on this than sleeping!  

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5/22/2006 8:43 pm

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I spend more time on this than sleeping!

Due to my last blog and its moronic ramblings I decided it was better for my sanity ( oops, too late, gone) to think of the more simple happenings in my life… and examine some other wonderings of a rampant mind..

I wonder how many people on the site use the cut/paste generic replies and throw in winks and invites under the logic that if you throw enough, some will stick.
I did this for the first few days on the site and got the response I deserved ( virtually none!) so made an effort to read profiles properly and only respond if the writer had actually made an effort to give specific information and I met the criteria.
I also decided to respond to profiles where I really liked the words or photos just to say I liked it and made it clear I as not looking for anything from them.
The responses were directed and personal to that profile and my return response rate was around 50%/60% despite my rugged lived in looks, banality, lack of originality and leaking six pack.
I now have a mailing friend list of some fantastic people who always reply. My meets are well documented here so you will judge for yourself my success rate at screening ( now stop it, don’t be so harsh!!)

Writing the blogs gives me a real insight into others and particularly myself.
Read Precious Orchids responses in the last couple of posts.
Incisive comments there and helpful in that she points me into myself for resolutions that I have asked others to take responsibility for.
That’s really unfair! That woman….
There I was, happily abdicating all responsibility and she hits me with “ You’ve got the answers.”
Now that may be true ( yea, ok, I know it is) but that means I can’t blame anyone else and that’s a real bummer to bring to my attention.

Now I have to take total control of myself, ( do you know how difficult that is for a mere man?), and continue my life quest with an open mind and less analytical approach. How do I do that??? Is there no one here that will say “ Hey, you, do it like this”?
Then, if I screw up I can blame that person or people. Now THAT appeals to me.

And the day unfolds to a brighter and less mournful tone, got confirmation of a business deal that will see me incarcerated for a further 15 hours a month. Does anyone have the answer to making days longer? My present sleep pattern is a little jagged and my comfort blanket has left me for someone more appreciative.

Only 15 spam emails today enticing me to buy generic Viagra and 11 for Rolex copies.

The former is not needed unless I decide to permanently point at others through my clothes and the second gave my a muse..

Do people still wear watches?? With mobile phones, sat nav, clocks in cars and on computers why would you need one?
I haven’t had a watch for 8 years now and after a week of checking wrist hairs the habit went away and never returned.
And now my left wrist gets suntanned as well. Benefits are where you look for them aren’t they?
How many workers have lost their jobs through the demise of watches and cassette tapes in the last few years? Scary isn’t it?

This Viagra spam, are you getting it? NO? Is there something in my future I should know about? This is pretty frightening for a man, I am getting mental images of staring down at a previously useful piece of equipment that has lost its self respect ant cannot look at anything but my feet. What kind of an end is that for someone that has been a friend for so long? Not the best of friends sometimes, I have to admit, but, being relegated to a mere conduit for liquid waste seems an incongruous end to a lifetime partnership.

Managed to answer a phone just now, man said he was sick of ringing, so I said the best remedy was not to if it was creating ill health. Doctors must get really tired of ungrateful patients. There I was, giving a fantastic and perfect prescription and the recipient of my expertise in health not only referred to my lack of brains but, doubted my parentage. That’s the last time I help him.

Can’t answer any more, she’s back at her desk. Damn.

What is it with mechanics/motor engineers? Got a vehicle in the yard that has an electrical problem. Called out the local main dealer and he spent 3 hours on Saturday not finding the fault. Sent someone else this morning and he took 2.5 hours to find nothing, he should have called the previous guy, he knew where that was!
Called the local grease monkey as a last resort, he fixed it in 4 minutes.
What’s that about?? £112 per hour for morons and £32 an hour for someone who knows what he’s doing?
Talk about a bloody rip-off. Guess who is not getting paid….

Just popped out of the office to get a coffee (none of the girls will get me one, punishment I guess), and someone’s put a note on my door.
It says “ Intelligent answers next door” “For dumb insolence please knock.”
Do you think they got the right door?
Girls in my office are scary, one refers to me as ‘her staff’ and one as Mr. Clean because I like things, well, clean and dust free, and comment when they are not. That’s allowed isn’t it?
They are on strike re: going for my lunch too, only wanted a bloody sandwich, not too much to ask. But, I will not beg, I’ll go myself ( or get a delivery!). NOW, that’s an idea, I’ll organise the local Indian to deliver a Korma for me and sit in their office to eat so my office doesn’t smell.
Brilliant, they wont say no tomorrow will they? Will they? Maybe, apparently my landline antics are not well received in the wider community and they feel I have to suffer because they are getting the flack.
Ah, well.

Just read an email from a guy who comments via mail regularly on my bland banality and he says he has stopped being heterosexual because all women are crazy. ????
Whoa, fella, slow down.
Using that yardstick we would all stop eating food because it gets in our mouth!
Knowing his writing style I am assuming that he means that the female gender is an enigma to us more cerebrally challenged males.
That’s no reason to leave the universe of heterosexuality but, it’s a damn good reason to stay!
Women, by their very complex nature are alluring, sensual, sexy, and infinitely desirable. Be bi, by all means, be gay if that’s your leanings but, how the hell can you “decide” not to be heterosexual? Beats me.

Now it’s 4am and back at the desk. What an evening of truth!
My weekend lady (I’ll call her S) sent a text so I called her and we had a great conversation on the phone. She read my last blog ( Oh, shit) and wanted us to analyse it together. FANTASTIC. 16 hours at work fending off the ever present threat of bankruptcy, joisting with the accounts, beating off the office girls, administering care and consideration for hairy arsed truck drivers and now, psychological analysis. Wonderful.
As it turns out, she agrees that a quick bang is no substitute for a cuddle with someone you actually like so we have decided to talk more, meet sometimes and actually get to know each other. She is a nice person and once again my only concern really is age difference ( she is 22) when considering long term stuff. However, that being said, I am not going to think about these types of things for a while, just go with the flow and see where the stream comes out. Now, for me, that is a first! I’ll let you know how this new, casual, relaxed me gets on with living!

Last night also saw me cancelling a meet that had been arranged for today, ( yea, I know, I’m a love angel!!??), because I felt that the lady in question was not really someone who I would want more than a casual encounter with and I was being a touch selfish and primal. That may well have suited her ( she said it would) but, not for me, I’m afraid.

My desk is full of paper. What happened to the IT revolution? No more hard copy, all on disc etc.
Well, I’ll tell you. Hard discs crash just after you forgot to back up your data so you keep a copy in the file anyway. Nothing has moved on at all. Just the screens take up less room on your desk and the wire free gizmos leave your desk free of wires so you can have more paper. I actually have 2 computers on my desk so I can do view and update 2 different aspects of my business. How bloody sad is that?

Completed the building of a corporate CD for a major client yesterday and I usually deal with a lady executive of the corporation that is direct, intelligent, knowledgeable, focused and open minded. Great to deal with. This project has been run by one of her minions, a spotty faced nerd straight from an ology degree who cannot differentiate between his arse and his elbow. Wants to know if we can change the colours for the background effects to a vivid red as “this is more enticing and exciting”. Prick. Had to point out his corporate colours to him and, more importantly the beautiful vivid red of his main competitor. Total dickhead, now he’s sulking because I said no.

What is it about university degrees that gives graduates an inflated sense of self importance and turns them from normal beer swilling, sex mad lecture dodgers into the answer to all our problems. Eat shit, you can’t learn experience.

More later perhaps.

Have fun

alisa_d 37F

5/22/2006 9:29 pm

at least you know what you did today and so does everyone else who reads this... interesting

rm_fireswan 49F
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5/23/2006 3:38 pm

Excellent , I love the way you write !! ..
You are so right about watches haven't worn one in almost two yrs , though I still glance at my bare wrist occasionally ...

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