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I’ve been thinking….
A rare occurrence, and usually a disturbing one, so here it is…..

There is one thing that has started every real high and every real low of my life, sometimes it started the high and lead to a low so I have been examining this phenomena.

The occurrence is called simply ‘a kiss’

A kiss can change your world for good or bad and you wont know how for a long time after you first did it.

So, why do it, there is danger in this act.

Remember Keep It Short Stupid.

Long lingering ones are the worst, with lips parted ant tongues wrestling, they can be a real bitch! All your common sense is sucked away, your resolve blasted to hell and back. The real danger sign is when you’re kissing a pair of lips and your trousers get tighter. That’s a sure sign its time to run.

Best a quickie on the cheek, not so much danger there.

This is a sex site, concentrate on that and NO KISSING unless it’s well away from lips, they are traps surrounded by a softness that will enslave a man.

When you tell her NO KISSES and you feel her lips on your neck, WATCH OUT, they are sneaking round to your mouth, don’t be fooled, you are heading for deep shit here.
Tilt your head back and stand on tiptoes. If you’re kissing a woman taller than you, forget that and run like hell.

When you hug and you feel her lips against your ear, push her off quickly, it’s only a matter of time before you surrender. I know it’s hard, your arms are round each other, you can feel her body against yours, the smell of her will intoxicate you more than a night in a bar and the need to taste her will be overwhelming. You have to be strong DON’T KISS. Try not to run too quickly at this stage, your trousers will be VERY tight and you will look like a jerk.

If she is looking g particularly desirable and your feeling weak, talk about football or say something crass ( that bits easy for me) so she will not feel the urge to KISS you.

When her eyes sparkle and her lips part in a smile you know is just for you and it causes you to miss that breath you were about to take in order to continue time on this planet then all the advice I am giving you will be blown to crap because, you’re gonna KISS her aren’t you?

Course you are, the insides have gone soft and the head has emptied of the tiny piece of self restraint you had, you have no choice but to KISS her.

Isn’t it a bitch, happens to me too.

Have fun and a great weekend.

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6/12/2006 12:26 am

Oh, by the way, who's the flirt?

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