Cyberthing sucks dosen't it?  

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6/3/2006 4:18 am

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Cyberthing sucks dosen't it?

Today’s blog is later than usual because I have a spinning brain and revolving emotional rollercoaster this foggy morning.

And I know I promised shorter blogs but, Im not making promises for this one, the words will be what they are!

2 emails did it, one from Lurma and the other from a dear friend who lives on the blog a door or two away.
Both are personal and private but both need a little blogging in a generalised way.

Both made me look inside myself to see who I am and what I am doing here. On a sex site with a profile that basically says NO SEX.
That makes me strange.

I don’t rule out sex but I do prefer sex with a friend rather than a stranger, it fills an emotional need I must have to be true to both me and my partner.

I have fantasies I want to fulfil but, only with someone I share more than a physical bond with.
I feel I’m not very far from that goal, just days in fact, but, my fantasies will be as nothing if they are not shared with someone I care about that wants the same thing. That need too has been met in this strange and bizarre cyber world of ours.

It’s not an exclusive ‘woman thing’ to want to feel arms around you, the taste of someone’s lips, the sensation of another’s smells intoxicating the senses to a point where the universe is concentrated in one single place and time. For the first time in a lot of years I feel like achieving the ultimate in emotional and physical needs is around the corner and it is scary in the extreme.

I’ve been asked a number of questions in one email that makes next week too far away and want to embrace our needs and wants now, to inhale destiny and hold our breath for as long as we can to prolong the adrenalin and passion of true lovers.

I want to make her world better and cover her physical needs with my body, her emotional needs with care and bring her fantasies alive.
And all this from msn and emails that started because neither of us were particularly looking for sex!!
Much of the anticipation, I suspect, is the journey into the unknown, a relationship that has built in a short period of time knowing yet not knowing the other person. Thoughts and inner being shared but without the restraints of physical presence makes it somehow more intense, personal and honest. The culmination of current knowledge and the inevitable physical meet will, I suspect light fires that there is only one extinguisher for.
That will be beautiful.

I don’t do cyber.

The other email was also self examining in as much that this friend, I initially contacted through her profile as I liked it and thought her photo was one of the most alluring Id seen. No, no tit and fanny shots, just head. Her thought processes, attitude, intelligence and humour are fetching, incisive and absorbing, although she probably wont think so!
Initially we chatted via email and for a while now that ceased and we jousted in public via the blogworld and the lack of emails left a void somehow. It was as though the only time we spoke was in public and didn’t find time for those cosy personal exchanges that take place between mates.
We have commenced the mails again now so hopefully that emptiness will be filled.
Her mails and comments and my own perceptions have revealed, I think, that sites such as these may not fill the reasons we initially came here to fill, (eg. I had a willy that wanted every hole in the UK that was attached to a female, or thought I did) but a real upside is that we ‘meet’ some really fantastic people with whom we can genuinely share a piece of ourselves and offer love and support when needed.

Take a step back and look at the people you are cyberchatting to, they are a piece of your real world, whether you recognise it or not. Some you may meet, others you would not wish to but, they are part of you and who you are. Embrace that wonder and you are a fuller and more viable member of this planet.
Each and every person who comments on a blog, writes a mail, turns on the cam, sends a wink, adds to the hotlist or simply views a profile is making a difference to someone, somewhere.

Lets all enjoy it

Have fun

catkit13 66F

6/3/2006 8:33 pm

i do enjoy reading your blog, you often say what i've been thinking! i'd love to meet you sometime, if you're ever in the hot arizona desert . . . until then, i wish you well, and sweet dreams, and hope you'll keep blogging!
bye for now, cat

funintheday2006 replies on 6/3/2006 9:53 pm:
Oh cat, thats so sweet, thank you.
I do get to the other side of the pond occasionally and will definitely make a pont of contacting you on my next visit. Mind you, Turtle beach, Tampa and LV are always on the agenda too! LV for me( dont gamble, by the way) is a playground for grown ups and I am addicted to the atmosphere.
Take care.xx

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