Cybersex or Reality, which is it?  

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5/30/2006 11:35 pm

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Cybersex or Reality, which is it?

Second blog today, scroll down to the first for ultimate boredom factor.

Couple of things first:

Emails prolifically and I need to answer the last 15 before I can collate any thoughts here but until then (apparently) destiny is watching my cock and will take it between her slim hands scraping (YES, scraping!) it with her sharpened talons. Now, all of you who are starting to get really jealous of my good fortune in being her object of lust, there’s no need, she’ll be after you as soon as she has burnt my entrails in front of my face. Aint she just the sweetest thing?

BBQ Lesbian
Gave me a quick ring yesterday pm whist I was being seduced by Lurma so didn’t want to talk for long (!!) but apparently all has gone quiet, which is very strange. Neither she nor I have had a call about our supposed liason. Do you think they are all avoiding us? Hostess told her party guests were both surprised and a little taken aback. So who fucking told them??? Had to be hostess gobshite didn’t it! Silly Victorian double standards to the fore! And if they didn’t want a result why did they ‘matchmake?’ Serves ‘em right, I aint enlightening them.

Remember the number2 preggie windup? That has to be one dosen’t it? Had my suspects narrowed to thre people who I thought would do that but, now Im not so sure! It is either a bloody intense windup or I’ve won every booby prize know to man!
This emailer wanted to arrange a meet and as I considered it a windup went along with it, then completely forgot about it. Well, you would wouldn’t you?
Yesterday afternoon got a mail that simply said. ‘ Thanks for turning up.’
Now that’s got my brain totally mashed, is it a windup or is there really ANOTHER young heavily pregnant girl out there vying for my attention.
So if it’s a windup, I’m shattered and done.
If it’s not a windup, sorry for not turning up but, if I’d known you were genuine I would not have arranged to meet you, I’ve already got a friend just like you and one is enough.
Leave a comment and let me know what you think on this one. I’m all out of ideas!


Continues to have me limping like a 3 legged dork with her emails and chat.
This mornings email, which I opened at about 3.30am was so hot I had to put an extra fan in my ‘puter. Hard disk was spinning like a demented hurricane and hotmail lived up to its name again.
She has a real talent for portraying a fantastic scenario without ever resorting to crudity or being explicit.
Sentences in part 3 are well over 50 ( can’t count them, keep stopping to read again!) and once again, I cannot bring myself to share the content as it appears to me because it is so real and personal.
So personal, so direct, so individual, so on the button as far as my fantasies extend.
Its freaky that she appears to know my fantasies without me telling her.
But, its freaky in a way I don’t want to stop or leave it, its marvellous in that it lifts me and brightens my day.
Its excruciatingly erotic in that we will meet in less than a week and both want to live the fantasy.
How fucking cool is that???!!!
So, why does she drop in here, and never leave a comment?
Hey, here’s a question for my friend Presh, is it cybersex when the writings are simply foreplay to be played out in reality?

Have fun

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