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I am not convinced.

This debate was started by {PreciousOrchid} so if you have any complaints please post them on her blog as I am much more sensitive than she is and take criticism to heart. Thank you.

An email is, by name and definition, a letter sent by electronic means and therefore cannot be considered a “cybersex tool.”

This means (?) that Cybersex can only be consummated by live, interactive mediums such as webcam, chat, IM or similar.

So, I have said it before, I’ll say it again, I do not do cybersex although, an erotic email without crudity or being too explicit can wang my world in a way I find more than a little pleasant.

That being said, I do not run off and start beating the meat or stroking the sleeping giant ( bit of bragging there and a lie to boot!). What it does for me is a psychological and emotional lift that is difficult to describe but is very real physically as well.

The eroticism is in the words of the sender and because of the medium used can be kept forever.

Cyberbonking, on the other hand is an ‘instant fix’, an impulsive action, a letting off of steam, a danger hunt, an animalistic need to rid yourself of bodily fluids or an act of pure voyeurism.

There are other definitions but I move that erotic email is disregarded as any relation at all to cybersex.

I would also say that this debate/question is totally irrelevant and a piece of crap as no-one gives a shit.

But your views may be interesting.

FYI Lurma feels a little exposed here, so I’m being a gent, bless her.

Have fun

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6/3/2006 11:02 pm

Kinda go's toward the lament of last that no one writes letters anymore. E-mail has become the dearth of snail-mail and I.M has started to do the same to e-mail. Gone and almost forgotten are the love letters written home to your girl when you were sent to summer camp or boot camp they are no replaced by an MAN Msg or a text msg on your cell. And whole new languages has sprung up because of these devices that to anyone over 25 it looks like some kind of secret code to catch Osama. Does anyone remember writing love letters to that pretty redhead who sat in front of you in high school biology class and who's biology you were really interested in studying that year. I can still remember a letter that a women who I met at a business conference wrote to me after a particularly heated discussion session. It was an invitation to dinner and and to a private party that hear body was having with a guest of one. She went into such detail and the letter was just dripping with her sexuality. Today that letter and many like it have been replaced by I.Ms "Hey ur hot lets Fck" while shorter and quicker to the punch they are lacking in the emotional factor that drives us. Yes I kept the letter and when I go to visit her we read it together and it's just like old times

funintheday2006 replies on 6/3/2006 11:20 pm:
Ah, those manuscripts of pure love that you had to hide from your mum because you were still her litle boy. Ahhh memories!
Thanks for the comments, you keep having fun and enjoying.

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