3 am and nothing to do  

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6/14/2005 10:42 pm

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3 am and nothing to do

Again I sit here night after night and I start to wonder is it me? Why do these images plague my mind? Why do I keep flashing back to the one night that time stood still, almost like a freeze frame? Then and just then I realize that it could have been simply the most erotic adventure of my life. Stuff that dreams are made of or movies try and capture. I had recieved the call to go to the hotel, strip down and wait. So that is what I did. I had picked up the key at the front desk and walked into the seedy hallway. This was a real up scale place I thought to my self, perfect for making you feel naughty like you shouldn't be there. But I was and I couldn't believe that I was actually going through with this. Tonight I would be her slave she could do what she wanted and I was to say nothing I was to feel nothing I was to be numb. How would I be able to I was busting at the seams with excitement. The hall way cold and as I made it to number 9, I quickly unlatched the door. I fiddeled with my buttons on my shirt I was having a hard time my hands were shaking. Thoughts like what if I am not good enough or bad enough for her? After all this was her idea not mine. I struggle with the shirt a little more only to find her standing in the doorway to the bathroom. I turned to look at her. She smiled with her lips parted slightly almost an evil grin and said, "did I tell you to look at me? Did I grace your ears with my voice?" I quickly turned back around, I could tell this was going to be a fun night. As she graced the floor with her boots they made a clicking sound on the floor, my anticipation grew as the last click found my side. She then ever so softly spoke into my ear in a whisper as she stated very simply, "tonight, tonight you are mine my pet you have allowed yourself to be my toy." "no talking, no whimpering, no asking for me to stop these are the rules do you still want to play?" I shook my head slightly. I knew that anymore movement might upset her and this was getting too good (or bad) to stop now. Sweat ran down my chest I could feel it under my shirt. "Now I told you to be ready and strip down, you are not and so that deserves punishment." She took the long leather bull whip that she had gingerly been handleing behind her back, I could tell she wanted to use it. The next sound that I heard was the beginning of a fetish unlocked in my mind, the door was open and I was getting ready to step through. As the end of the whip made contact with my skin through my shirt I reeled in pain but it felt so good. I wanted this more than anything ever I had read about it,done investigation, asked around and hand picked this woman to break me. She then touched my shoulder and said "now see that wasn't so bad was it?" Come here princess I will help you take your panties off. Oh the sound of that was like sweet music to my ears. She slide my panties down around my ankles pausing at my knees looking up she said, "my you sure smell good, almost good enough to eat." The panties fell to the floor. As she looked up her hair came unraveled from her tight ponytail. "Put this on and I will be back for you" , she thrust a handful of attair in my arms. "There is baby powder over on the counter, if you need it." she said as she walked out. I sorted through the clothing there was a pair of boots with a different look to them I quickly realized that these were one of those fetish boots that I had seen in various magazines. As I dug further I pulled up this latex suit and understood immeadiatly what the baby powder would be needed for. I slipped into my suit of confindment after applying the baby powder strategically for things not to pull out. The smell of the suit turned me on I was wet already I could feel it pooling up in the crotch area. She entered the room again, smiled and said, "Good now we can get started." ...

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6/15/2005 3:08 am

Nice story. It would be easier to read if you put some paragraphs in your story.

Take care.
Keep On Blogging!!!! Have a great day.

Cajun Pet

funinthearticsun 42M/41F

6/28/2005 1:55 am

Ahh who needs paragraphs. They got on to Emily Dickenson about her style too. I just like to write and generally I don't edit them they are just from the cuff. so glad you enjoyed it anyway.

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