3 am My Dearest  

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8/6/2005 11:46 am

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3 am My Dearest

The television set flickers that annoying white snow across the room. I toss from side to side realizing that it is inevitable I must go to catch atleast a small peek at the woman that I adore. I place my coat over my white cotton pajamas and go to the door. "What am I doing?" I ask myself. It has only been a matter of hours she will know that I am up to my old ways again. She has told me she wants nothing to do with me, to leave her alone, but I can't. If I can't be with her atleast she should not deny me of her very existance. Am I just to foget?

Forget the many hours that we lay curled up on the veranda after making love by the moonlight. I can almost feel her breath against my skin as she undresses me. Slowly as though to savor every last image that her eyes were taking in. I can still feel her as she works her way up my back with her tongue. She pauses and kisses the side of my hip bone. This almost brings me to ultimate estacy simply from the notion of where she will be next. Could you forget this I ask of you? You may, but I however cannot.

From this memory alone I feel the corners of my lips turn up into a slight smile. Knowing that their are millions of these memories, lingering in my head. They refuse to be erased. How can she be so cruel as to deny me the very sight of one's flesh. The sight of one whom I adore so much. I have told her that I would treat her like the queen that she was. I would forever be hers no matter how many men she had been with I still would be the first woman.

studbo500 101M

1/25/2006 7:52 pm

You are quite talented.

funinthearticsun 43M/41F

1/30/2006 3:17 pm

you are too kind sir. But thank you.

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