The lighter side of MY DEEP THOUGHTS  

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6/18/2005 10:20 am

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The lighter side of MY DEEP THOUGHTS

Does your dog think to himself "That stinking bastard needs to go wipe!"when it is u that cuts the cheese?

Does he know how lucky he is when he licks his on nutts?

Does anyone actually think that sex is dirty or is it all a front?

Can u truly believe god isn't a comedien?
Does chicken even taste like chicken? everything else supposedly does.

How much wood can a woodchuck really chuck?

Why can't women go toppless?

How could anone vote for Clinton? He already wasted his buddys money when he wasted his pot.

Why does all good foods either kill you or the ones that visit you?

Why is wrong with your body that food smells so good going in when it stinks so bad coming out?

Why not frenchfries?

Who decided it was hot and not cold?

Why are some people so lazy?

If he made it, is God a pothead and if so it would explain so much.

last but not least, why is it such a task for sokme people to brush their teeth and wash their nasty asses?

pic is on of my gals

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