Things I Get Myself Into 1  

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9/9/2005 10:09 am

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Things I Get Myself Into 1

I was a broke college student at the time on a road trip with some friends. Miles from our element, and in another state, we haphazardly sought out a party. The only one to be found was a costume-only Halloween affair at some dive only vaguely resembling a bar.

Keeping in mind I still needed enough left over for the unforeseen, I bough a sheet, some facepaint, a pair of sandals, a little glue, and a small can of silver spray paint, as my friends grabbed various leftover full outfits. With a cardboard sword in hand, I was a far cry from Conan, but had achieved the desired effect before the last of my friends had found a way into his ill-fitting disguise.

More likely out of pity than any other motive, the money-taker ushered my topless form to cut in line, even refusing to take payment, helping me find refuge from the frigid air. I started off my bottomless cup right, just waiting for my friends to work their way inside. I soon bumped into a princess, with breasts three times the size of her slender body, in a blonde wig.

We talked intermittently while waiting to refill our drinks. After I started working up a buzz, I started calling her "Your Highness", which seemed to hold her attention more than my comments in-passing. We became so enthralled in conversation that I barely noticed my friends finally made it. After letting my friends know what was happening, I accepted her invitation back to her place.

The small dwelling looked more like a haunted house's workshop than an apartment. "Would you mind if I got into something a little more kinky?" she asked offering me a drink.

"Ummm... OK" I half wittingly replied, more taken by the demonic rubber and plaster molds than the alcohol.

I sat in the livingroom of horrors for nearly an hour, just wondering what "kinky" wardrobe took that long to don. The answer came soon enough, as I heard her call from the bedroom, "draw thy primitive weapon, hairless ape!" Just as horny as I was curious, I grabbed my cardboard sword and entered.

She wore a mask reminiscent of the Predator with he eyes and mouth being uncovered, and knee-high boots with spikes running up and around. Most of her nude body was painted in tones of green, brown, and red, mimicking scales and veins. A little more kink than I expected.

The mock battle lasted only briefly, ending with me tied to her bed in break-away restraints. I subjected myself to her "alien experiments"- involving being tickled all over with a feather, dowsed in water, having ice run slowly from my neck to my cock, and forced cunnilingus. It was after the hot wax started to dry on my nipples I made use of the broken links.

I grabbed her from behind, and threw her to the bed. Taking only a brief condom-pause, I tore into her savagely, roughly kneading her breasts as I pounded her violently. After I came, I took her head and had her sit up. Using only guttural grunts and motions to convey my point, she soon started to use her breasts to get me hard again, before giving me head.

Afterwards, she removed the mask, and the rest of the encounter went with us just being two horny teens- just trying to squeeze in as many positions as we could before the sun came up.

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9/10/2005 11:58 am

That's a little more than I would've thought up.

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