Johny's first trip to a bar...............  

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7/24/2006 9:56 am

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Johny's first trip to a bar...............

Johny was out clubbing for the first time. When he came upon this bar that had a sign in the window saying " make my horse laugh and win $100." John was up for the challenge, so in the bar he went and whispering to the horse ear, the horse whinnied so hard it knocked Johny off his seat. But, the $100 would seat well in his pocket.
Two weeks later Johny was bar hoping again and saw a new sign on that bar with the horse saying " make my horse cry and win a $100." Johny loved easy money and went into the bar.
"I'll need to take your horse to the men's room" said Johny, and off he took the horse. Minutes later they came out of the men's room and the horse was crying like a baby.
"What did you do to make my horse laugh one week and cry the next?" asked the bar keep.
Johny said "the first time I told your horse I had a bigger dick then him, today I PROVED IT."

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7/25/2006 10:58 am

OK Im pickin my chin up off the floor! I dont know what to THINK! ............DAMN!!

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