How did it begin?  

fun_in_siam 43M
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11/6/2005 10:17 pm

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How did it begin?

I was recently asked the question about how and why I got into swinging/swapping scene, so after my response I decided that it would make a good topic for a blog here.

There was a night that one of my female friends and I had been out drinking when we accidentally met a group of our other friends at a nightclub. We went back to our friends apartment for an after-party.

Our friends ran down to the seven eleven down the road and left me and my friend at the apartment. Well, being left alone we took the chance to have a sexy quickie. The friends returned quicker than we imagined they would, and almost caught us. Anyway, they were suspicious of what we had been up to, and began to tease us about it. This led to a drunken truth/dare game.

Eventually I was dared to remove my friends panties in front of everyone, so I did. At first she was uncomfortable, but aided by the booze that soon passed. Then the other friends [3 girls and 1 guy] began undressing, and two of them began fucking while the others watched. My friend and I also watched, got horny and we fucked too.

Everyone slept, and when I woke I had a big hangover and a banging headache. I was being held by a pair of arms. I assumed that it was my friend who I was with, but it wasn't [she'd written a message on my phone and left earlier that morning]. It was the cute girl who actually owned the apartment whose arms were holding me.

As she became aware that I was awake, she began playing with my dick and told me that seeing me fuck my friend the previous night made her so horny, and that she wished she could have joined in. Obviously this led to things getting interesting, and soon we did fuck.

After a while reflecting on that night, I met the girl who owned the apartment a number of times, but found that her friends began to be visiting at the same time as our erotic encounters. We would fuck while her friends left the room, but eventually her friends returned and caught us in the middle of things. One girl dropped her trousers and was rubbing herself while she watched us. Watching her, watching us was a real turn on.

After those sessions, I began to contact couples since I'd realised how exciting it was to watch other people fucking.... and to be watched.

rm_Kinjukinji 49M/39F
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11/20/2005 9:13 am

I had my first two threesomes while living in Thailand, too, but didn't "swing" until my wife encouraged us to here in Korea.

longdistrom 58M

4/30/2007 8:57 pm

I had just one experience like that, with my student, her husband & his mia noi, very kinky, great fun! Wouldn't mind a repeat at all.

hedonismpattaya 55M/38F  
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5/21/2007 6:23 am

My first time with multiple partners was only a few days after my arrival to Thailand. It was my 40'th and some friends set me up with 5 girls and a jacuzzi. That was one hell of a night but I must be honest and say that I didn't manage to satisfy all of the girls that night but the next day and night was one hell of a good time!!

rm_gig9669 48M
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6/2/2007 2:51 am

This is a very nicely written blog!

I have had threesome with 2W several times and just love it but never with a couple and that is the next mission.

I'll be in Phuket mid June and hope to be able to meet some nice C for a day and/or night of pleasure.

rm_Tooka85 31M
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7/20/2010 10:01 am


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