Friends make the best lovers  

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7/18/2006 12:50 pm

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7/24/2006 9:31 am

Friends make the best lovers

We know now after a number of adventures that good friends equal great lovers. When approached by some one wanting us to be in their network or when we reach out to someone we look for things that we have in common. One night stands never give complete satisfaction, they only take care of the moment and often send you away felling down. Friendships with benifits are the only way to go. Taking weekend trips where you can enjoy the interaction and the flirting and being at ease is the only way to go. Conversation that stimulates, flirting, and being confortable walking aroud nude,and knowing that everyone is willing to be open about things we feel makes for the best times. Ask youself if if in your marraige if it didn't take sometime to get really get to know your other half, and in the type of friendship we desire it is the same way the more we know about our friends the better lovers we become.

FocusingClearly2 61M/F

7/23/2006 5:24 pm

We could not agree more. As we've always espoused, your partner is the most important person in the mix, and there is no such thing as 'comfort for the majority'.. it has to be 'right', easy, and respected and enjoyed by all. And this is accomplishe by being with your best of friends, where you do not need to walk around on eggshells, sorry about saying something out of line, asking the penetrating questions (so to speak), but most of all, having fun. Life is short, too short for nonsense, worry, trauma and the like.

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