funXforall3ofus 60M/57F
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7/20/2006 11:04 am

I can't help but wonder why in so many of the adds on this site and that is what they are adds. Adds that say we want to f--k but in that very same add it says must be discrete. Our thinking is that if you look for friends first and build trust then there is no need for being discrete. Friends should do nothing that hurts a real friend. In our thinking don't friends take vacations together? Don't friends get together for dinner and drinks? Don't friends spend time together. When doing these things which are activities that most people do; why do you need to be discrete? We think that being discreet is not acting stupid in public, and in most cases if you do (like fu-king in public) your going to get arrested any way. We want couples that really want to be intimate in a number of areas and not just in the bedroom. Enjoying ones company before and after any sexual playtime is what we are looking for. HOW ABOUT YOU?

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