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11/4/2005 8:23 am

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Something else from the advice lines

OK more from the advice lines...This one got me big time! Starts with the title then responces and then my responce ..I didn't respond to the responce on the advice line...I did here instead.

Oh Damn That Hurt? HUH
Has a guy on top of you, ever been going so fast and it slips
out and goes in your ass. Damn it hurts so bad, do you want
to knok the shit out of him or your sick to your stomach you
had to just stop. it made me sick and made me mad when he laugh.(female of course)

My responce
Hell yes it hurt! LOL I jumped up and ran to the bathroom...thought
I was gonna be sick! And ohhh yes I wanted to knock the shit
outta him too LOL can laugh now...not hurtin anymore. But
he didn't laugh either...I got some excellent petting!


Did he do it on purpose or was it really an accident? I can
understand why you felt offended when he laughed, but you
have to realize when you are pumping that fast sometimes
things happen. He shouldn't have laughed, but I think
you're going a bit too far with the "sick to your
stomach" comment.

Sex is not perfect.


To this man I would love to say...."I wish I could get a BIG FAT dildo and shove it up your ass without you being ready for it!" Just to show you it CAN make you sick to your stomach!
Sorry if I pissed anyone else off...but this one really got my blood boiling!

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