Where it really started  

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2/28/2006 8:42 am

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Where it really started

It started with a conversation that we might need to replace my little car soon. Much to my disappointment, my 12 yr old car won’t last forever. My husband became transfixed on this cute little Chinese car called the Byd that he found on the internet. This is what started the whole electric car discussion (see last post). Researching the Byd caused him to want to research more and find a car that would be good on energy usage. This led to wanting an electric car….Of course, a battery still charges off electricity. This led to wanting solar panels (something he has been pining after for some time). The solar panels led to a discussion of how we might go off the grid….with time, all of these projects were becoming pricey and I envisioned my salary becoming increasingly smaller. Going off the grid led to a discussion of how we might reduce our already fairly small energy usuage. This led to the mention of me loosing my beloved dryer…..among other suggestions that I took fairly well. The dryer was my breaking point, I suppose. As a kid, we did without a dryer on lots of occasions (many years as a matter of fact). For whatever reason, I love when clothes have been dried with a dryer. I am supportive of almost all of my husband’s projects. I love him dearly, but the thing about the dryer is too much for me….I have had to put my foot down.
Just so happens that it has started to rain here again so there could not be any line drying anyway. Muuhahahaha

xxxhandyman4u2 55M

3/1/2006 10:21 am

as long as its 110 volts a dryer can be run with and off grid power source(if you schedule your main usage at peak output)...I've been studing alternative power for some time,since the 70's and we have more alternatives than we did then...if your handy,solar cells can be had for 2.00 usd a watt so you can build your own...the cash outlay doesnt have to be enormous ...you just scale the project in several steps ,until you've weened your selves away from the utility companies...you can also sell excess power back to the electric co...
electric cars are better than hybrids...especially with the range extender trailers(battery) and or the trailer mounted generators for charging down the road....one point to look for is "Dynamic" Braking...because the regenerative type doesnt do much on small autos and leads to early controller failure...I am posting from a solar powered computer....and its almost always on line ...the only down time is when i shut down for to get something done....I hope this helps....feel free to ask me questions or use google or vivisimo to find your info...most of it is free....The "Myth" is that alternative power is expensive when the opposite is quite true....HandyMan

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3/1/2006 7:15 pm

The problem there is that solar panels do not provide enough amperage to charge the cars batteries (yes, plural, and all lead acid or gel cell type) and the battery bank for the home at an efficient enough rate at the same time. Solar panels do not produce 110 volts right off the panel, they require a large number of batteries to hold a charge which is then converted from 12 or 24 volt dc to 110 volt ac. If the car has the ability to go directly dc when charging you can hookup straight, otherwise it will have to first go through the home "bank" before charging the car, and everything in the home that uses electricity is running off those batteries. Not trying to burst any bubbles, just saying the technology is not advanced enough yet to totally take over your electrical needs unless your willing to do without some things or erect massive solar panels. Otherwise solar would be far more widespread in commercial application than it is now, which I would love to see, it would make my work more interesting!

Nice touch with the evil laugh! Don't let him budge you on the dryer!

fun4usfun4u2005 43M/42F

3/8/2006 6:53 am

Thanks to you both for the info....it seems I have a lot to learn on the matter and we will be doing more research. The dryer, though, will be staying

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