This is my 100 things post  

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This is my 100 things post

Ok so there is a certain amount of inevitability about doing one of the 100 things about me posts. I have seen them around for some time and have resisted the idea but it has gotten the better of me.

1. I am a young white male
2. I am stronger than I look
3. I dislike having a dog that follows me around all the time
4. I always get holes in my work gloves
5. I enjoy looking at the stars
6. I have a high pain threshold
7. I have had my ears pierced since I was in the 8th grade
8. I would drink pots and pots of coffee if I let myself
9. I have a tendency to kill house plants
10. I love spiders and spider webs
11. I believe in karma
12. I love plain white rice, a billion Chinese people can’t be wrong
13. I sleep in sweets and a t-shirt
14. I use to love the Doors but can’t really stand them anymore
15. I hate the humidity
16. I love to split wood with an axe
17. I clean up well
18. I love to make things with my hands
19. I don’t photograph well
20. I am not really a conversationalist
21. I enjoy driving
22. If I could I surely would
23. I don’t like TV commercials
24. I took a typing class in high school and can type quite well
25. I don’t like my neighbor
26. I only really get into one television series at a time
27. Not boxers, not briefs, ladies panties
28. My favorite constellation is Orion
29. I collect Pez dispensers
30. I like having a dog that follows me around all the time
31. I have no guest towels
32. Golf and baseball make me sleepy
33. I like to be on top
34. I like to cut wood by hand
35. Anal does give the best orgasms
36. I don’t like it when they use old songs for TV commercials
37. I can’t swim
38. I am always 30 minutes late
39. I like to watch the birds while I do the dishes
40. I am Mr. Mom and I like it
41. I like an RC cola and a Moon pie
42. I love, love, love cunnilingus
43. I don’t bruise easily
44. I am right handed
45. I don’t like computers
46. I enjoy looking at porn on the internet
47. I always loose the remote
48. I have not seen it
49. I drink plenty of water
50. I am half done
51. I forgot
52. I collect old cars and keep them at other peoples houses
53. I don’t like bras, on anyone
54. I plan even the shortest of trips
55. I think that the last book I read is a Harry Potter book
56. I enjoy saying “What is this we shit kimosabe”
57. I like card games except poker
58. I use to drink to much
59. I could be more helpful
60. I think you should get your own list
61. I believe that one of our dogs is on his way down to a lower tier of existence because of his actions in a former life
62. I do things just to make myself laugh
63. I pretend not to be ticklish but I really am
64. I would like to be able to speak French
65. I don’t like Christmas
66. I went to Burning Man back before it was ruined by people like me
67. I appropriate obscure phrases from the culture and use them over and over
68. I know it is mathematically impossible to give more than 100%
69. I am narcissistic
70. I don’t like all of the IM short cut crap (learn to type and you could message way faster)
71. I have a strict routine that I like to stick to
72. I really am a loner
73. I watch to much television and we have no cable
74. I believe that time changes to make the good times go faster and the bad times go slower
75. I am quite competive
76. I only look at the pictures
77. I like to write with crayons
78. I have to have a list before I go the store
79. I am shorter than people think I am
80. I don’t like being noticed
81. I like everything on my hot dog, Chicago style
82. I have been collecting the cans that my coffee comes in for at lease six years and I can’t figure out why
83. I like big butts
84. I really like to pass cars on the road when there is just enough room
85. I always keep a positive attitude
86. I have to many T-shirts that are from my high school days
87. I spit whenever I am outside
88. I like to leave projects around the house half finished
89. I am not a team player
90. I am manipulative
91. My hands are rough
92. I have curly hair
93. I don’t like to shave my face but I do like to shave my testicles
94. I had a tongue stud but took it out
95. I know that time flies when you are having fun, unless you are a frog then time is fun when you are having flies.
96. I enjoy a nap during the day
97. I am brushing my teeth
98. I get great joy out of making my wife laugh
99. I forgot to put on deodorant
100. I am the meanest person you would ever want to meet (really I am quite nice just like the way it sounds)

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