Things are looking up.  

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1/27/2006 8:30 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Things are looking up.

Yay, we have success. Well, not total all the way success but at least we have met someone that we could see spending time with and having a lot of fun.
We had a dinner date last night at which we all seemed to have a fun time and got along very well. So it was not really a date, by definition there would have to be affection for it to be a date, we only had entertainment and food present (thanks to Miss Manners and a very intelligent person, we now know that there are three official components to a date). Wait….there was hugging by all three parties involved. Not once, but twice. The hugs were full body to body that lasted for at least a couple of seconds. Let’s think about this for a minute. Yes, we can call that affection. Oh my, maybe we did have a date? AND it was wonderful. What might be next?

hoser4funnn 55M

2/1/2006 9:06 am

Sounds Great! glad you were patient enough to keep looking for the right person(s. Should be a lot of fun......... keep us all posted

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