The die is cast...  

fun4usfun4u2005 43M/42F
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9/16/2005 4:39 pm

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3/6/2006 12:48 pm

The die is cast...

Or at least it appears that it is. I was checking to see what had to be done to start a blog earlier and it appears that I unwittingly started one. We have been kicking the idea around for a while, we thought about it enough to spend time thinking up a name, but were still on the fence about accually starting one. I guess that we have fallen off of the fence and this the side that we fell on.

tomvic 54M/53F

9/17/2005 7:44 am

Now that you've started it.....

rm_Screw696969 40M/37F

9/17/2005 3:43 pm

Hey, you started a blog

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