Sumo robots  

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9/22/2005 8:50 am

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Sumo robots

So have you seen these Sumo robots, they are apparently all the rage in Japan. It is like the robot war craze from a couple of years ago but on a much smaller scale, only 2 ½ inches tall and not at all destructive. I think that I have found what I want for Christmas, never to early to start shopping for toys. Then again, Christmas IS still three months away. Don’t know that I am willing to wait I will probably just go out and buy some.

Her view: My husband the adult who never let go of the child inside… least his toy collection is not larger than our daughter’s. And hey, it was fun to play tank wars ’04 (the remote control toy tanks that shoot infrared light and smoke when they are “hit” and have little GI joe guys that pop out when you are “dead”.

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