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“Why is Grandma’s toilet paper so soft?” A simple question from a little one with such a long and complicated answer. To start, you have to know that we use Seventh Generation toilet paper. It is easier to breakdown and made from recycled paper products. Though it benefits the world, it has its down side its texture is somewhere between Quilted Northern, our old brand, and sand paper. You may ask then, “why use it?” Environment aside, we have a beef with the new way that Quilted Northern roles their product. It seems that in this ever expanding, “supersize me” society the toilet paper industry had decided that we would like a larger roll. Now granted, more toilet paper on a role with less waste, packaging and the cardboard inside, would be a great idea along with the fact that you would change the roll less often. However, that is not what has taken place. The rolls are just rolled loser with only the same amount as before or, as we have come to believe, even less. Now if you buy a regular roll that used to last several days it now only lasts for a day and a half. We noticed this in the special double rolls several years ago and now we believe that it has permeated all of the rolls. This is a conspiracy against the toilet paper buying public if I ever saw one.
Any way back to the simple question answer “Because Grandma doesn’t believe in the conspiracy”
Have you noticed this trend?

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