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Most of the time we were just the normal husband and wife, working hard and trying to make ends meet, sometimes an imposability, but you have to keep the vultures at bay. back then when I was only about 30 or so I had this thing that I didn't really appreciate the idea of an affair. I worried that some of our friends might find out and make our life miserable, a small community is not the place to be trying to have a sex meeting with anyone. The only thing that was in my favor was my husband and his help, and ideas.
Please don't get me wrong here, Hubby and I actually get along pretty darn good,,,,usually...
we have NO problem with sex between us, there have been times that we have had sex pretty constant over a weekend. He knows me and my "spots" well and can make me feel RREEEAAAALLLLLL good. He says that he likes to watch me being pleased and likes my reaction, passion and the fact that I experience new things.
well, SO DO I! ! !
Anyway we owned a little house in one of the Oregon port communities. and were pretty involved in the Street Rod community and went on a lot of "Rod Runs' over the summers.
We had met a lot of other street rod people, on these different outings.
the one I will tell you about in this episode belonged to a group from an inland street rod club. We had become friendly with this club and spent most of the time at these campouts with them.
One of the men was a single guy, owned a really cool red 33 coupe. He spent some time at our campfire and we talked on occasion other places. I could tell that I was getting interested and I kind of thought he was also.
Ok, now the scene is set... to the Happening. the first time.. (more obout this one later)
My husband and I left our town and went to what is called "Roseburg Graffiti Night" (I think they are still being held) Which is basically a real life "American Grafitti" night
Hundreds of people come to Roseburg from all over the country and the local club puts on a "cruise" with the help of the city officials. All you do is drive your hot rod, custom, restored, junker, whatever around a designated route taking in most of the city, stop at various Dairy Queens and other places, there is a Large outside dance and other activities. While talking with my husband and one of his car buddy's, the guy in the Red coupe stopped and asked me if I wanted to make a circuit of the cruise, I looked at my husband and asked him if he would mind. he looked at the car and knowing how I was interested in the guy, the only thing he said was "make it worth it and smiled.
I picked up my purse and got in the coupe with "L" and off we went. The car is quite small and is actually only for 2, cozy at that. sitting beside him and "cruising" I put my hand on his thigh, he turned to me and said "I had hoped so" we pulled off the rout and parked in the local High School parking lot, kinda in the back out of sight, He reached over and pulled me to him, gave me a nice big french kiss, started gently caressing me all over and of course palyed some with my breasts, I had my hand between his legs immediately, unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. This is the first ime I had run across a guy that did not wear underwear, that by itself thrilled me.
I was massaging and stroking his cock gently all the time we were kissing and he was playing with me, eventually he slid his hand down to my pussy and was quite surprised that I DIDN'T WEAR ANY UNDERWEAR EITHER ! I had removed them earlier, knowing I would meet him sometime tonigh. we played around and kissed and fondeled each other for a while until he said that he just couldn't take it any more and would I please jerk him off, I answered "NO, ...but i will suck you off" and I had thought his cock was hard before.! As I said earlier, the car is quite limited in space but I managed to get down on the floor and he stretched his leg over to my side. I took his cock in my mouth and his balls in hand gently sucking and massaging , I have this thing I like to do that is running my tongue around and around the head, moving it in and out while I jiggle the balls sometimes gently and sometimes not so gently but never cause pain. while I was sucking on his cock he was trying to reach my breasts but finally gave up as I had him pretty much on the edge. I would suck and move and massage and bob up and down till I could tell he was just about ready to explode and then I would take my mouth off and tell him what I would like to have him do to me. then I would drop down with a deep throat and suck even harder. He finally got to a point thet I knew he was almost ready to pop and I was going to pull back again when he grabbed my hair ad would not let loose, so I just sucked and stroked harder. When he came it was one large load, but I swallowed it all down licked him clean and waited for him to recover. of course he soon did and we went back to the Dairy Queen, when I got out of the car I was lucky to be behind our car, hubby came overr immediately and stopped me from going out in plain site telling me I needed to turn my blouse right side out and straighten my dress. How that happened I don't know. but it sure was F U N ! ! ! . I learned later that I had been missing for over 2 hours.
Hubby was not really pleased with that and having to make up a story about where I had gone.

This man is the feature of a couple more stories, but I will write one at a time and he just gets better, ex Navy SEAL.

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Hi there,

I enjoyed your story. I have to admit its reflective of those stories that no one thinks will happen to them. Although we somehow sense that it is! Thanks for validating the point! lol.

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You ain't heard nothin' yet

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I've just started doing the blog thing myself and have spent the morning reading other people's. I have really enjoyed reading about your experiences, good and bad. Thanks for sharing them.

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