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While we lived in a little town in Oregon I was continueing to have an occasional "affair." ALWAYS with my husbands knowlege and help.
One was a male friend of his that came over for dinner on occasion, The guy was really a hunk so to speak. I asked my husband one afternoon if he would mind if I seduced the guy the next time he came over, his response was to walk over, pick up the phone and call the guy, invite him over for dinner as he often did. He hung the phone back up and asked me just what it was that I had planned, at that point I had no plans so he suggested that we Eat dinner as usual, after dinner I was to ask the guy if he would take me to the market beecause our truck was not working, (hubby pulled the rotor) and while he was driving me to the store I was to "make my move"
everything went according to plan and after dinner I stated that I was out of dishwashing soap and was not going to leave the dishes in the sink dirty, so I went to the car, of course it wouldn't start, came back in and asked "A" if he would take me to the store which he blindly agreed to.
"A" Had a 4x4 Pickup that was pretty high and difficult to get in and out of so I had to have his help to get up into the truck (hehehehe)
I of course didn't have any panties or a bra on and seeing as how it was summer I was wearing a nice summer dress, I made SURE he saw the fact that there was no underwear. and when he got into the truck I "accidently dropped my lipstic on the floor displaying the nice pair of tits that were inside the top as I searched for the lipstic. After I bought what I needed at the store I came out and he was waiting for me at the truck, THIS time he helped me into the truck by way of hand on my ass (accidently under the skirt.) I just turned to him and smiled. when he got back in the truck and we started home, I asked him if he liked me to which he told me that he had fantasized about me many times, but I was his best friends wife and off limits. I slid accross the seat and snuggled right up to him, put my hand between his legs and asked him, " what if there were no limits" I thought his cock was going to rip thru his jeans it got so hard so fast. I continued to tease him on the drive home. As we had arranged My husband was out in the garage when we got home and did not come back in the house for a while.
when we arrived I got out his side of the truck and we went into the house, He was very nervous,
I explained to him that my husband was out in the garage and that he was not going to be back into the house for quite a while, He sked me just how did I know that? and I told him "because we agreed to everything this evening so that I could have you?" he looked astounded for about 10 seconds then finally understood what was going on, a big grin spread over his face and we went up the stairs to the bedroom. I started taking his clothes off and he took mine off. we laid down on the bed and I took his balls in my hand and his cock in my mouth. ( since the storage room I had a lot of practice and leading by my husband and was fairly adept at this time. "A" has a nice 7" very thick cock, I sucked and stroked and played with his balls till he was acting like wild horse. This guy was so turned on that his excitement made me cum before we even touched cock to pussy. I did things that night that my husband asked me about for several years afterwards. when we were through we were both totally exhausted. I stayed in bed while he dressed and left. Husband came up later and took one look, told me to go take a shower before I went to sleep for the night.

vegas89142 65M

7/4/2006 10:19 pm

I'm surprised husband didn't want to test exactly how exhausted you were.

fun4sher 69F

7/5/2006 6:18 pm

He did, after the shower, and I wasn't THAT tired.

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