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this is going to be embarrasing, this first one, but we will se if it is interesting enough to warrent further pursuit.
My very first "meeting" was with a man that lived in henderson. He contacted me thru AdultFriendFinder and we set up a meeting at a restaurant that my husband and I frequent.
The guy was on time, and was, for the most part, just what he displayed himself as being during our talks.
he came to our table and greeted us (as my profile says, My husband is always close, or watching.) of course the only seat was beside me, so he slid into the booth and sat close (didn't have much choice if he wanted to sit down). we introduced ourselves to each other and he brought out a bunch of photos of a place he used to work.
My husband and I finished our breakfast and while eating I slid my hand over his leg and starte rubbing his thigh. To which he immediately did the same to me.
we had deliberately chosen a booth that was facing a corner and I had sat in such a position the no-one could see under the table.
This guy had read my profile well and knew that one of my fantasys was an encounter in a restaurant and he did not hesitate.
I very seldom wear Panties and most always wear a skirt and usually a pretty open blouse no bra, and when he finally reached my pussy it was very wet, sitting there in the restaurant with my hand slowly stroking and squeezing his cock thru his jeans, he slid a finger in me. all the time he was slowly finger fucking me he was talking to my husband about cars. I just sat there with my eyes half closed enjoying the feelings. in a VERY short time I came.....My husband smiled at me KNOWING what had just happened. I was of course extremely turned ON.
My voyeristic husband suggested we leave and went and paid the bill. I I kissed the guy and taking his hand pulled him with me to the car.
we left the parking lot and before we even got out of the driveway he and I were pasionately kissing and running our hands over each other. This guy and the situation was SOOOOO erotic I was lost in sexual excitement, completely. My husband tells me that we were in heavy afternoon trafic and all he could see in the mirror was white legs and bare butts waving around in the air, I am glad the windows were darkly tinted. Hubby did say there were a few cars that tried to stay with us and he was SURE they were watching the back seat too.
This guy and I were kissing sucking and doing everything we could just short of penetration in this car in traffic, neither one of us was aware of the outside world and I am sure we provided a few people with a show.
My husband drove us out towards Red Rock trying to find a place to park so this guy and I could be continue. Eventually he pulled over at a wide spot off the road.(I couldn't wait and practically yelled at him to find a SPOT!!
He backed up so the rear of the car was away from the road and I and my friend went at it. within a few minutes I was groping madly trying to find the condoms, when my husband handed one to me, for a split instant it broke the flow enough for me to be aware of the surroundings but that dissapeared almost immediately when the man I was with hit a certain spot with his tongue and I was brought back with a very hard climax.
I put the rubber on him and jumped on his lap, took his nice hard cock and place it against the opening of a sopping wet pussy, sat back on him and slid it deep inside me, instantly had another climaax. we started FUCKING, that is the only word that fits, with all the outside stimulation, the restaurant, the traffic, where we were doing this, my husband not only watching but actually helping, just drove me absolutely NUTS... I do not know how many climaxes I had but by the time I was slowing down it was dark.
we got out and cooled down a bit, I was shakey as a leaf. We cleaned up some and with smiles and soft touches headed back to town, I sat in front and the guy sat in back with my husband driving. I don't think we got a mile or two down the road before he reached around the seat and cupped one of my brests sat forward and started nuzzling my ear. BOING!! my clitty snapped up and my nipples instantly got hard. I pulled the seat handle and the back of the seat became a bed. As soon as I was horizontal he pulled my skirt up again and started licking my pussy. I of course, took his nice cock in my mouth and started running my tongue around and around, sucking him like a strawberry float,
(Believe it or not and this IS the truth, NOT a made up story...All this happened on 4th of july 2005.)
we got pretty active again so my husband pulled to the side of the road somewhere around 215 and Charleston, on a little rise. While the guy and I were passionately kissing my husband put his hands between my legs and started fingering my wet pussy, Instant climax. When the guy realized what was happening he went ballistic and sat back in the seat took his pants down and shoved his nice big cock in my face to which I GLADLY started sucking as hard as I could within a very few minutes I climaxed again from the cock in my mouth and the fingers in my pussy, the guy also came at the same time, a BIG hot load that I barely got all swallowed. and...this is the kicker...at that exact time some one set of a BIG fireworks display ....WHAT A NIGHT>>>>>>>>>>>>!!!!!!!!!!!!

fun4sher 68F

7/14/2006 5:26 pm

hhmmmmmmmm! interesting, but it sure is crowded in a PT

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