The Bath Tub: Another spanking fantasy  

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6/10/2006 11:49 pm

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The Bath Tub: Another spanking fantasy

I am home alone and think a nice, long soak in a fragrant bubble bath sounds delicious. I run my bath, and add my favorite smelling bath products. I light a few candles, put on my favorite Beatles album, and turn the lights down real low. Perhaps a glass of brandy to sip on while I luxuriate.
I slip into my little slice of heaven and lose myself in my music and hot water, the perfume from my bubbles scenting the room and making me very relaxed.
Unbeknownst to me, my loved one has come home early from work, and has not phoned me of this little detail. I did not collect the mail from the mail box, and sitting inside, just waiting for him to open, is some sort of letter that is not good (for me). Perhaps a speeding ticket, an intersection camera catching me running a red light, a forgotten bill (you get the idea). Something very naughty. My lover comes into the house and opens the mail, finding this damning piece of evidence. He is not angry, just rather annoyed, as I had been warned about what would happen if such a letter ever arrived.
He opens the bathroom door and finds me floating in my tub, oblivious to what he just found. He holds the letter in my face, telling me what he just read. I am caught off guard and try to wriggle my way out of being in trouble, trying to distract him with a few sexy moves and a long, passionate kiss. He plays into my ruse and kisses me back, settling down to sit on the side of the tub and enjoy my sexy show and affection. I think I have distracted him from what I know is coming and I purr with delight. This is fun! Without warning, he pulls back from our hot, steamy kiss, and in one swift yank I am over his knee, bubbles flying everywhere, his pants and shirt getting soaking wet. He scolds me and tells me I know I am never getting out of the spankings I deserve, and his hard hand connects soundly on my wet, unprotected bottom. I howl in protest and he only laughs, and settles in and spanks me in earnest. He is enjoying this way too much, and enjoys telling me what a brat I am, and how my bottom is soon going to be very hot and sore. His hand hurts so much on my wet bottom and he doesn't give me much of a warm up either. The spanking dries my bottom and he gets wicked pleasure in reaching into the bath water and re wetting my burning skin. The stinker! He spanks me long and hard, totally enjoying himself and I know it. He got me, and there is nothing I can do about it. Soon my bottom is on fire and I find myself promising to be good (fingers crossed behind my back). Luckily for me, he finds the bath tub spanking far too erotic to really get into punishing me. He stands up and slings me over his shoulder and laughing in pleasure, strides back to the bedroom where he unceremoniously plops me onto the bed. Stripping out of his wet clothes, he grins wide and joins me

jasminescent1953 63F

6/11/2006 5:26 pm

very sexy and very alluring......mmmmmmmmmmmm... I would LOVE for a man to do that too me!!!! NOTHING like a good , surprise spanking that is wet and hot!!! You got me very hot and very excited and cant wait to share this with one of my lovers!!! Keep up the good work

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