Surely somebody wants to cum!  

fullysatisfyu 41M
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1/16/2006 8:22 am

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5/8/2006 10:17 am

Surely somebody wants to cum!

I love to make females cum. There is a great feeling knowing you have given the gift of orgasm to another. If you are on this website I would think it is because you are interested in pleasure. So why then is it so hard to find people that will attempt to make contact? I can see that many may lose interest in members like myself who don't post pics, but it would be foolish for a married man to post his pic if his wife is not into the game. It is easy enough to post a comment to a blog and start interacting with others that may be able to fill your needs. It is just as easy to stop interacting if you find something you don't like. So why is everyone just looking and not acting?

ldftb1 35M
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1/16/2006 9:56 am

i feel you man, am attached myself, but i am looking for more, why, because i am greedy, i havent made contact on here, but there's hope so i keep posting, my missus is not into this at all, she would go as far as watching a porn movie with me but that is it, i dont actually mind sharing her but she would kill me if she knew thats what i thought, so i am left to my own devices.
post your cock, that way at least they have a clue of who you are, thats is what i have done.
good luck man

LeEnchantress 54F

1/16/2006 11:31 am

well. my advice to you fellows wud be to find an equally attached (or married) woman who doesn't mind dating a married man.
It's not fair to the single girls who don't want the drama of dating married men/ nor the inconsistent sex life you wud get with one.
I'm not into home wrecking either.. so that's why i never respond to ads from married men... Had too many friends who's spouses cheated on them and it was not a pretty thing to see them so broken hearted.. so that is why i don't go down that road.
On the other hand.. yes.. it seems very few on here have any intentions of ever meeting up in real life. It's just an excercise in futility it seems to me being on this website.. I do much better in real life.. But.. it's an option that is free, so i keep my profile up here..
Most of the people here are just wanting to collect pics.. they demand hours of your time chatting on IMs... arranged dates only to reschedule..or cancel.. or demand to meet when it's not the least bit convenient for you... or they just aren't available period.
I had one guy last night begging me to send him a photo..this was after i spent like an hour talking private in seperate chatroom.. That shoudl of been my first clue.. Said his yahoo wasn't working....(even though i had no problem sending him messages there) well. he said he was seperated so i was hesitant to do that in first place.. then he said he wasn't really married.. but it was long-term relationship so it felt like he was married.. WTF! anyway.. i asked him to resend his photos cuz the one in the profile didnt' quite resemble the ones in the photos he sent to my AdultFriendFinder e-mail.
Listen to those red flags man..
Today i get an e-mail that he and his ex are getting back together after several lenghty "conversation. Since we talked late last night not sure when these "lengthy" conversations took place, unless she was over his house when he was asking me for photos and to try set up a meeting or there at the crack of dawn!!
LOL.. okay.. sure...
You see.. there are dozens of fakers on here.. it's not just for the married guys either....
Have you all tried a website just for married people?
I think i need to be on a different site myself.. all this one does is waste time...
It's got good chatrooms and interesting to read the blogs.. i've met a few cool friends.. but it's definitely NOT done what i came here for!

slims242 34F
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1/16/2006 11:33 am

hey I need a guy like u to make me cum over the net so email me ok.

fullysatisfyu 41M
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1/19/2006 10:12 am

Thanks for the feedback. If this website isn't good for anything else, it does allow us to communicate openly with the opposite sex. That is worth a lot.

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