fullysatisfyu 41M
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7/18/2006 10:08 am

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7/30/2006 10:55 pm


I am a good looking guy, oh, and did I mention modest? why is it then that my wife thinks of sex as a chore rather than fun? I would like to try having sex with a partner that shows some excitement. Anybody else having this problem?

wildkiss4you 42F
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7/18/2006 11:20 am

yes, I am but in a different way. My husband thinks it is to much work after a day at work. I miss the rush sex gives you, I wonder when it got to be work instead of fun. I even tried to tell my husband to lay back I would take top and do all the work, he still wasn't into it. wild kiss

fullysatisfyu 41M
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7/18/2006 6:07 pm

It's too bad you are so far away! We could kill two birds with one stone. Do you think people lose interest becuase there is no more "thrill of the hunt" involved after marriage? I can't imagine sex becoming work, but I have seen it get a little boring when the other party is not excited about it.

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