There's someone on this site...  

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6/8/2006 5:54 pm

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There's someone on this site...

That I'm absolutely fuckin' gaggin' for. She's a super hot blonde babe and I'd love to spend an evening with her.

We'd start with lots of kissing, tongues teasing & hands slipping under each others clothes. When I sense her breathing start to change I'd stand her up and undress her, sucking and nibbling her nipples as her glorious breasts are revealed. Then I'd work my way down her body with my mouth while she's still standing, parting her legs slightly so that I can use my tongue to push her pussy lips open, tasting her juices and using them to lubricate her clit as the tip of my tongue circles it. When she starts to move against my face, pushing my tongue deeper into her with her hands on the back of my head, I'd slide down to the floor and guide her down onto my face so that I am covered with her cum as she fucks my mouth.

After I have felt her lose control all over my face I would continue to lie down as she tugs my clothes off and takes my cock into her mouth, pushing it deep into the back of her throat and wanking me off into her mouth until I am barely able to control myself. In turns she would suck my balls, run her tongue around my helmet and wank me off between her tits, then finally crawl up my body and sit on top of me, pressing my shaft all the way into her cunt and letting out a satisfied moan as she feels my helmet push against the inside of her belly. She would ride me urgently, losing herself in the moment, giving herself wave after wave of multiple orgasm. Watching her lose control and listening to her groan in ecstasy would be enough to make me fill her up with warm spunk, shooting it deep into her pussy.

As she crawls off me I'd position myself behind her and gently kiss her neck, my hands cupping her boobs gently and my prick nestling against the cheeks of her arse until we start to grind in unison. Feeling her push her arse against my cock and balls would be enough to get me hard again and she'd lean forward to give me access to her tight anus. I'd slip in gently, using her juices for lubrication, then push my full length up her arse and hold it there as her ring tightens around my shaft. I'd gradually build up a faster and harder rhythm as she begs me to fuck her, fingering her pussy to give her an orgasm that makes my cock throb as her whole body tenses. I'd keep fingering and fucking relentlessly, refusing to let her body stop cumming, until I unleash my second load right up her arse.

Holding each other afterwards, I'd suggest a shower or bath together, where we could clean each other before we lie together on the bed and have the perfect 69, me licking and sucking her to orgasm and her taking every last drop of spunk in my body into her mouth and swallowing it before kissing me passionately. As the evening ends we'd both be aching for more and counting the hours until next time...

If you know who you are, how about making this fantasy a reality?

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